October 01, 2020

Matiang’i sends strong message to Kenyans after polls

Acting Cabinet Secretary for Interior Dr Fred Matiang’i has urged Kenyans to resume normal duties and await the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to complete collating results after Tuesday’s polls.

“We are very grateful that we were able to participate in the elections successfully and peacefully. There was no serious security cases reported; I therefore urge Kenyans to remain calm,” Matiang’i said on Wednesday (9/8/17).

The CS asked Kenyans to refrain from aggressive social media activity that is likely to cause tension in the country.

He called on people to stay calm as they await a pronouncement from the IEBC on the ongoing tallying of results.

Matiang’i who also serves as the Education Cabinet Secretary reiterated that no part of the country is a hotspot for violence as Kenyans are engaging in their normal activities waiting for the final election results from IEBC.

“We are not aware of any unrest in Kisumu, if there was such disturbance, the IG would be in the know,” he stated.

The CS also thanked the IEBC team for ensuring smooth voting on Tuesday and assured the commission of the Government’s support in case of need.

Matiang’i stated a day to election that there was no unusual deployment of security officers. The officers selected were deployed in accordance with a request by IEBC and their work was to facilitate the process and not to intimidate or hurt citizens.

“I have heard and observed some people say that we have deployed more security resources in some areas. That is not true; our deployment and management of security is demand driven and we have only facilitated what the IEBC needs,” he said.

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