April 20, 2019

Matiang’i assures bullying will not be tolerated in schools

Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi has on Thursday (2/03/17) assured parents that bullying in schools will not be tolerated and promised to take action against anyone found guilty.

Matiang’i responded after the contents of a report on such incidents at the Alliance High School caused uproar.

“We do not accept bullying and mistreatment of our children when they go to school. We want to raise up happy and confident children. Not children who feel demeaned, harassed and unduly mistreated,” he said.

“I want to assure all parents that we are a responsible government. We take great care and we are keen about this and when an incident arises, we coalesce very quickly with all the stakeholders,” he added.

Matiang’i promised parents that the issue of Alliance High School would be sorted immediately.

“I want to thank the Board of Management of Alliance particularly, and the Old Boys Association, and the faith based organisations who are interested in that school because we have worked very well together. We have built a solid partnership that is intended to ensure that that environment is conducive to our children. And we will do whatever it takes quietly, consultatively.”

“I am eternally grateful to my colleagues at the Teachers Service Commission (TSC),” indicated Matiang’i.

The Principal of the school David Kariuki has since quit following the bullying allegations.

The bullying was said to have been carried out by prefects and senior students for a long time yet the principal had not taken action.

The TSC has since accepted the request of Mr Kariuki to retire early before he turns 60.

The embattled head later affirmed that he retired early to pursue personal interests.

The Ministry carried out the investigations in January and February and talked to several students and teachers to unearth the scandal.

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