April 22, 2019

Marwa cancels Jubilee Party rally in Mombasa

Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa cancelled a rally by the Jubilee Party (JP) set for Sunday (26/03/17) at Mvita in Mombasa.

According to Mr Marwa, Jubilee’s organisers did not inform the police, but more importantly, the rally would have caused havoc since the Opposition were set to hold theirs at Tononoka grounds.

“When ODM wanted to hold a parallel meeting at the same grounds we talked to them and they agreed to postpone it. For the sake of equity we are saying that Jubilee should not hold a meeting close to Tononoka grounds,” Mr Marwa noted on Saturday (24/03/17).

A communications officer from JP stated they were disappointed that the rally had been cancelled.

“Being law abiding citizens we will not hold the rally. However, there are some issues that we needed to address but we will do that using other avenues to be communicated later,” the officer explained.

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho had surprisingly welcomed JP to his county stating that it would be a true display of democracy.

The National Super Alliance (NASA) are set to hold their rally tomorrow (Sunday) to continue wooing voters ahead of the August 8 election.

Mr Joho who inspected the area on Friday, indicated they had notified the authorities about it and had been given the go ahead.

“The Constitution says Kenyans are free to hold rallies and picket. There is nothing like getting a permit. You only notify the police, something we have done, and they replied that permission is granted,” Mr Joho stated.

Urban police boss Lucas Ogara confirmed that NASA had been given the permission to hold their rally but added that he was not aware of the one planned by Jubilee.

“Makupa OCS informed me that they (ODM) have notified them and permission granted. I am, however, not aware of the other one by Jubilee,” affirmed Mr Ogara.

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