April 22, 2019

LSK seeks release of jailed doctors’ union officials

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) announced on Monday (13/02/17) its interest to join proceedings at the Court of Appeal where litigants in the contempt case against Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) officials are seeking to overturn the jailing of seven union chiefs.

“The LSK shall be making an application to be enjoined in proceedings pending before the Court of Appeal as amicus curiae so that we are able to make presentations in court with a view to enable dialogue to resume,” LSK President Isaac Okero said.

Mr Okero indicated that the jailing of union officials undermines negotiations and risks exposing citizens in critical need of medical attention to untold suffering as the three-month strike continues.

“Court orders are sacrosanct, once they’ve been made even where there may be need to question them, it is the legal responsibility of every person that such orders are obeyed,” he noted.

ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga also directed the CORD coalition lawyers to intervene in thecase.
“We have instructed our lawyers to immediately convene and take up the doctor’s case against the government,” Odinga said.

The Opposition leader criticised the Government for failing to solve the stalemate accusing it of trying to ‘arm twist’ the medics.

“Unable to lead and negotiate, the Government instead resorted to hostage taking. The court had created opportunities for the government to resolve the issues around the CBA it signed with doctors.

“The Government spurned all those opportunities and instead took advantage of the suspended sentence to blackmail the doctors. The action is meant to arm twist the doctors to accept what they don’t agree with when in fact, the Government is the problem,” reiterated Odinga.

The jailed officials include Chairman Samuel Oroko, Secretary-General Ouma Oluga, Daisy Korir, Evelyne Chege, Allan Ochanji, Mwachonda Chibandzi and Titus Ondoro.


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