October 23, 2018

Look around you, that is where your capital is

When it is in finance and accounting the term CAPITAL is used in very general terms to refer to the financial wealth that is required to start and maintain a business. In classical economics however the same has been used to refer to just one of the factors of production besides land, labor and very recently entrepreneurship. From an idle sewing machine you have had at home, to a cooker, to a wheelbarrow, to an iron box you use once in a blue moon; that could be all the capital you require to build a business empire. Does this argument hold any water? Yes, it does because the alternative is waiting for funds to materialize. Waiting, until the Nile flows back to its source! You on the other hand will die with your dreams intact.

So you have talked to every friend and foe. You have explained your troubles to a million and one people constantly embarrassing yourself and killing your self-esteem. You have chased the youth, women’s, men’s and God knows what fund; for years and each time, like a mirage it disappears before your very eyes when you think that you have finally gotten hold of it. The banks will give you no loan because you have no collaterals and you have not been banking with them anyway. I say stop this self-inflicted physical and psychological torture. Don’t even think outside the box. Think inside the box!

capitalYou have unlimited access to a computer? There are lots of people who are too busy to type work they have been pilling. Some are too lazy. They sweat a river when they lift a finger and they have the money you do not. Type their work for a fee.

A wheelbarrow has been lying idle in your compound getting rusty. Pick it and empty people’s bins for a fee. Stop assuming that everybody has that taken care of that. Better still, if you are sure you will not burn their cloths, a lot of them are lying creased in their closet. The owners wish them ironed but cannot do it themselves and they may not afford the exorbitant price of the dry cleaners. Pick up the iron box and press their shirts and whatever else they throw your way. Charge them and use the money to start something that has only been accomplished in your dreams. The list of examples is endless.

Anybody seeing you begin a venture from scratch like that will feel compelled to help out and even if they don’t, what do you care anyway? You have used a simple factor of production to do wonders for your business and it is growing in leaps and bounds and now you have more than enough capital to do what you wanted in the first place. Better still other ideas have beaten the first and you are eyeing bigger things. Might this, I wonder, be what compelled Jay Abraham, the founder and CEO of Abraham Group Inc. (Los Angels, Carlifornia) to conclude that, “As soon as you open your mind to do things differently, the doors of opportunity practically fly off their hinges.” You think about it, and for crying out loud, stop lamenting about your miserable life to people who do not care to listen. An entrepreneur is no beggar. People beg from him or her.


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