June 22, 2018

Kerry happy with IEBC reforms


United States Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday (22/8/16) he was satisfied to see progress in restructuring of the Independent and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) ahead of the 2017 general elections.


He reiterated that holding a free, fair,peaceful and credible election is a critical step in consolidating the country’s democracy.


Mr Kerry urged President Uhuru and other leaders in Kenya to ensure a credible election is held next year to avoid a similar situation to 2007/8 that led to post-election violence.


“Holding a free and fare election next year is a critical step in consolidating Kenya’s democracy and unlocking the full promise of the 2010 Constitution. I am very confident from our conversation with President Kenyatta, he fully understands that; he has made it clear there is no going back,” he said.



Kerry said the United States will offer $25 million for women and youth participation in 2017 General Election.


“We want to see the full participation of women and youth during the elections and that there are mechanisms to support any kinds of dispute. In the end this is your country, we don’t want to step on any toes, we are not doing anything that your government is not comfortable with,” Kerry indicated.


The U.S. Secretary of State noted that the United States does not support any party or candidate in the 2017 elections.


“It is imperative to note that the United States does not favour one party over another. We support a fair, accountable, transparent, orderly, credible and nonviolence election, and we will help Kenya achieve that,” he reiterated.


“Holding a free and fair and peaceful election next year is a really critical step in unlocking the potential of the 2010 Constitution. Holding a successful election is a whole of a society’s effort: You need political leaders, business people to come together not through violence but in dialogue,” he added.


He was addressing Journalists at a Nairobi hotel.









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