July 19, 2019

Kenyan Films Nominated for Out of Africa Film Festival


By Hellen Nanzia

The Kenyan film industry’s future looks brighter after 10 films from the Kenya Schools and Colleges festivals were nominated for the Out of Africa International Film Festival.

The Out of Africa International Film Festival was launched in December 2014 with a goal to provide a platform that brings together independent filmmakers, producers, promoters and other stakeholders from around the world to a common space to explore their stories freely and market the films to a global audience.

The festival is also committed to discovering and developing African filmmakers to achieve their greatest potential in film and to provide the global audience with original and creative films. Through this networking platform, filmmakers may gain greater visibility and wider support and hence be able to produce in a richer environment.

This year Kamandura Girls’ High School scooped top honors in the screenplay category with a titillating and well directed, acted and produced piece titled ‘Anti-Dre’.

‘Anti-Dre’ tells the story of Cathy, a girl who has had a rough upbringing and suffered neglect from her drug addicted mother. Cathy is fortunate enough to attend high school via a sponsorship/scholarship program and it is while here that she starts a dance group called Anti-Dre, which she uses to educate her peers about the negative effects of drugs abuse.

Anti-Dre features the talents of Gift Terry (Sylvia), Sharon Kasandi (Tess), Sharon Gitonga (Shiru) and Phylis Wamaitha as Msupa. Winnie Kamau stars as the inspiring Cathy and teacher Titus Ndung’u plays the role of Mr. Mark the drug dealer.

The Out of Africa International Film festival will be held between 30 October and 1 November 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya. There will be screenings drawn from high-calibre selections of newly released features, documentaries and short films from all over Africa and outside Africa.

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