February 18, 2019

KCB Group named top social media banking brand in Afrika

By Etaarifa Contributor

KCB Group has been named Africa’s top social media brand in banking in the latest Africa Brand Index Rankings. This is due to its outstanding use of social media platforms in customer engagements.

Commenting on the award, KCB Group CEO Joshua Oigara said that the increased brand awareness online has enabled KCB  to leverage on social media hence meeting its business objectives as well.

“Social Media has grown from being a mere digital channel for “socializing” to one of the most powerful digital marketing tools for products and brands. It has also proven to be a very cost-effective way of communicating to a global audience,” said Mr Oigara. ”We have also seen an increase in engagement where more and more customers are realising that they can effectively communicate with us through social media and expect timely feedback, He added.

Other recognized regional banks in the category included GT Bank, First bank, Ned Bank and First National Bank

Last year KCB Group was named the winner for “Best Use of Social Media by a Financial Institution in Africa” during the Social Media Africa Awards in Lagos Nigeria for the banks use of social and digital media as a means of mobilization and awareness sub-platform for deepening access to and enhancing the use of Social Media and to facilitate the clear-cut awareness about its positive impact.

The Africa Brand Index is a listing of the most successful brands on the continent on social media, according to key metrics such as community growth, content engagement, sentiment and dozens of others.

KCB has invested heavily in social and digital platforms in a bid to reach out to its targeted audience in different locations given its presence in six African countries and a wide network of over 240 branches.

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