June 19, 2018

Kaimenyi: National Examinations will not be Postponed


By Derrick Kiplagat

In the wake of the on-going countrywide teachers’ strike, many parents alongside the country’s top opposition alliance CORD have expressed the desire to have the national examinations postponed so that their children get enough time to prepare for the final exams. However, this is not the case with Education Cabinet Secretary Professor Jacob Kaimenyi.

Kimenyi has said the National examinations will not be postponed. The CS added that the institutions were still open. Orange Democratic Movement Chairman recently said that students in public school were the most affected by the teachers’ strike and it would be unfair to issue them exams.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, the Cabinet Secretary said that the ministry was planning to hold a meeting in coming days to decide whether to close the public schools over the strike. Kaimenyi backed the Teachers Service Commission’s warning to teachers, stressing that they are at risk of losing their jobs lest they stop striking and return to work.

Teachers Service Commission chair, Lydia Nzomo said that the teachers who fail to report to work by Friday would be exempted in the pay roll. “Teacher who will not have heeded the call by Friday will be removed from the payroll. Consequently, their salaries will be stopped and their names struck out from the payroll.”

The teachers’ commission has moved on to warn that the teachers will not be paid for the two weeks they have missed work. Nzomo added that county directors of education had reported that at last 22% of primary schools and 54% of secondary schools were still operational.

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