July 09, 2020

Jubilee the most corrupt government in Kenyan history, Odinga.


By Calvin Osiemo
Coalition for reforms and Democracy (CORD) leader Raila Odinga on Tuesday addressed the nation on the state of affairs in the country. Odinga blamed the Jubilee Administration under the Leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta nad his Deputy William Ruto for not living up to their promises that they made to Kenyan during the campaigns that led to the 2013 general elections when Jubilee assumed power. Mr. Odinga outlined a number of promises that Jubilee presented to Kenyans which include the Primary school Laptop project that has not yet been actualized to date. Speaking at the Serena Hotel in Nairobi, Odinga accused the government for failing to curb corruption that s widespread in the country.
“Before our eyes as Kenyans the Jubilee regime has brought down the House called Kenya that it inherited intact in 2013.Jubilee came into office on the back of Kenyans ‘believing’ its many promises: three years later the free laptops for primary school entrants remains a pipe dream; the stadiums in the Counties remain unbuilt; the 5,000MW of electricity a cynical ploy; the promise to fight corruption one of the worst jokes ever visited on an expectant population,” said Mr. Odinga.

The opposition leader termed Jubilee as the most corrupt government ever in the Kenyan history. Odinga accused the government of soliciting for cash and squandering the money.
“This is the most corrupt administration in our history— and that is no mean feat. They have borrowed billions which they have squandered and stolen. On the Eurobond alone, which they are unable to account for, we have already paid over Ksh. 25 billion shillings interest, yet they are unable show a single project that the money went into,” Odinga lamented.
The Galana-Kulalu mega irrigation project did not escape the mind of the ODM leader as he outlined other pledges made by Jubilee.
“This government is over. It is irredeemable. It is incapable of anything good. The Jubilee administration has failed. It has not delivered on any of its pledges. They have not delivered on laptops, their flagship pledge — they lied to children. The sports facilities they promised are nowhere to be seen.—they lied to the youth. They have not delivered on food security and bringing down the cost of living—the Galana-Kulalu mega irrigation project is turning out to be another white elephant. Instead, they raised taxes on essential goods—they lied to all,” He said.
Raila also accused the Jubilee administration of paying hefty perks to members of Parliament from other coalitions to ditch their political outfits and join Jubilee an act he said is taking back Kenya to the Kanu days of teh 60’s to 90’s.
“To recreate the imperial and dictatorial presidency of the past, Jubilee is laying the ground for the creation of a single party monolith, buying off Opposition MPs and co-opting other parties, all in the name of creating national unity. That is what Kanu did from 1960s all the way to 1990s,” he said.

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