February 18, 2019

Joshua Sang joins 2017 Trans-Nzoia gubernatorial battle 


By Waweru Titus


Former ICC indictee and radio presenter Joshua Arap Sang has expressed his interest in the Trans Nzoia gubernatorial seat come 2017, according to the Daily Nation.


“I want to tap [into] the rich athletic talent and high potential of agriculture in Trans-Nzoia County to turn around the economy of the region,” he said on Sunday after attending the 10th edition of Kass Marathon.


Sang, who is banking on his popularity as a former KASS FM presenter, will face off with, among others, incumbent Patrick Khaemba.


On April 5, 2016 Kenyans celebrated after judges of the International Criminal Court (ICC) ruled by majority that Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto and his co-accused Joshua Arap Sang’s crimes against humanity case was terminated.


“In compliance with the Trial Chamber’s order ICC-01/09-01/11-1948-Conf, the Prosecution hereby notifies the Trial Chamber, Parties and participants that it formally closes the Prosecution’s case,” Ms Bensouda wrote to the court.


Mr Sang shed tears of joy when he received news that he had been freed from the case.


“I am just delighted that I have my freedom that I have been longing for the last six or seven years. God has seen us through today. I am so happy. That is what matters,” Sang said wiping tears from his eyes.


“I want to thank God, I want to thank my lawyers led by Counsel Kigen, they have done a wonderful job,” he added.


Sang and Ruto faced three charges – murder, deportation or forcible transfer of population, and persecution – over the 2007/8 general elections.


Around 1,200 Kenyans were killed and more than 600,000 displaced in Kenya between December 2007 and February 2008, the period marred by mass violence and ethnic killings.


In 2014, human rights groups estimated the post-election violence may have included 40,000 incidents of sexual and gender-based violence.











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