April 22, 2019

Isiolo Imams Declare War on Terror, Radicalization


By Calvin Osiemo

The Council of Imams from Isiolo County have come together and vowed to challenge radicalization and teachings that are not in line with Islamic morals. The council of Imams in conjunction with the Supreme Council of Kenyan Muslims (SUPKEM), Borana and Somali council of elders has declared that they won’t sit back as Islam continues to be tainted and associated with terrorism.
Speaking at the Al-Falah Islamic Centre on Saturday, the administrator of the centre Sheikh Ahmed Set urged the people to report anybody suspicious who attempt to give the youth extreme teachings with the aim of radicalizing them. While addressing the 55 Imams from the 55 mosques in Isiolo, Set declared that the Imams had devised bold measures to fight the terror threat aimed at dividing Kenyans along religious lines.
The 55 Imams also vowed to use the mosques to teach their faithful on the sanctity of life and as well teach them about repentance among youths who may have already fallen victims of radicalization elements to reincorporate them into the society. These sentiments come after the government gave a 10 day amnesty to radicalized youths to surrender and be brought back to their societies. Set also urged those youths afraid to surrender to government authorities to present themselves to the Imams first.
“Those youths who may be afraid to present themselves to the police should come to the Imams who will then present them to the government authorities to ensure that they are not harmed,” said Set.
The County Government of Isiolo has as well taken drastic measures to ensure that terrorists and other criminals don’t cross over to Isiolo from Wajir and Garissa Counties which are currently under curfew. Isiolo County Commissioner Wanyama Musiambo said the County Government is working with the owners of social spots and businesses like hotels to keep track of visitors.

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