September 20, 2020

Is Speaker Muturi Staring at his Ousting?


By Veronicah Njoroge
MPs will debate a censure motion against Speaker to the National Assembly; Justin Muturi on Tuesday next week following a formal submission of the notice of the motion by Kibwezi West Member of Parliament Patrick Musimba. to discuss Muturi’s conduct by Kibwezi West MP Patrick Musimba,

On Thursday, Musimba accused the speaker of failling to protect the integrity of the National Assembly and making speculative allegations about members of parliament especially on matters involving corruption. He is requesting Parliament to censure the Speaker over failure to protect the dignity, honor and integrity of parliament, as he puts it.

Tiaty Mp Asman Kamama had asked the house to debate the matter yesterday claiming that it was very substantial. This however was not possible due to the National Assembly Standing Order 87(1) which states, “… a three-day’ notice is required for a motion on the conduct of the speaker”.

Musimba now has two options. The first is to table a motion of no confidence in which MPs would have a chance to vote for or against the speaker after discussing the grounds for the motion. The other option is a censure motion which allows members of parliament to discuss the speaker’s conduct in his absence but on the record and then express their support for or displeasure with him.
Majority leader Aden Duale has shown support for the speaker saying the timing until the “big day” will give the lawmakers enough time to discern who is behind what for all members to discuss the issue

Speaker Muturi approved the censure motion against him and made it clear that the motion will be debated for three hours and put it in the order of business for next week. Musimba had initially been denied permission to pass the motion by Muturi over his failure to follow house procedures in presenting the motion.
The speaker expressed that Mr Musimba will have enough time until next week to collect material that will furnish his debate

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