May 24, 2019

Is Apple the Giant Tech Company?


          By Ken Kaugi

            Apple Company is the maker of iPhone and iPad. The company has experienced rapid growth and expansion of market over the years. The indicators of the growth include rise in shares from 1% to $119.75. This percentage in share increase has given it a market capitalization value of $701.7bn. The market capitalization value of Apple appears higher than the GDP of the top 19 countries in the World.
By 2014, the company shares had increased to 60%. The increase is attributed to success launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus which has increased sales hence the value of the company. The sales of the two products have generated revenue of 39.3m in their third quarter. The company predicts an increase of 10% in sales on forthcoming summer, Christmas.
The Company has unique products according to their customer preferences. For example, the Apple larger screen made a record of $18bn in the last three months of last year. This approximated to $8.3 million in an hour.
Due to the increased sales, the company shares have increased by 1.9 percent to $122.02. This has led to increasing in the company value to $710.7bn, an approximate of £465.8bn. The rise in the worth of the company has put it at par with the oil company, Oil Major Exxon Mobil, a second largest company in the world.
Apple Company for the last one year has led to future prospects of increased revenues to a total of $1 trillion by next year. This will make it the first company in tech industries to hit the gold spot. Thus, the company continues to expand its market to other countries. This poses greater competition to competitors like Samsung and Sony Company.


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