September 20, 2020

IEBC Commissioners will not bow to pressure and resign


By Jude Titus

The Independent and Electoral Boundaries Commission [IEBC] Chairman, Issack Hassan has said that they will not resign despite protests by the CORD coalition. The IEBC boss has asked CORD to provide any evidence they have on the said graft allegations instead of intimidating and defaming the Commission.

‘‘The public offices we hold are creatures of the constitution and by it we shall be guided. Holding public office is no excuse to be defamed and abused. We should not be punching bags of objects of hatred because of the decisions we make in exercising our functions,’’ indicated Issack Hassan.

Hassan also said that they will resign with immediate effect if CORD leader Raila Odinga will produce any proof of corruption connected to the Commission.

This comes after LSK, NCCK and several political experts commented on the readiness of the Commission on conducting the 2017 general elections.

Towards the end of April this year, the Law Society of Kenya demanded the IEBC Chair to step down pending the ‘Chickengate’ scam investigation saying that the Commission has credibility issues and complaints from sections of the Kenyan society.

CORD leader Raila Odinga has on many occasions accused IEBC of supporting the Jubilee coalition during the 2013 elections and has also indicated that the Commission is also planning to rig the 2017 general elections in favour of Jubilee.

‘‘We will be setting a dangerous precedent if every time we seek the removal from office of those we do not agree with. We are committed to fulfill our constitutional mandate and give this country a flawless, free and credible election in 2017,’’ reiterated Hassan.

He also added that the Commission has held more meetings with CORD than any other political party or group. For instance, in the last one year, the Commission has held 5 consultative meetings with the CORD leadership.

IEBC reiterated that time is not on their side as the general elections are only 14 months away.

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