October 01, 2020

I support suspension of Koros as KNH CEO – Dr Khalwale

A NASA affiliated politician has supported the recent suspension of Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lily Koros after a brain surgery mishap.

Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale said that Koros must be blamed for the political and administrative failures at the largest referral hospital in the country.

Khalwale, who is also a former medical practitioner, indicated that one of the failures of Koros was unnecessarily exposing patients to radioactive material by using a radiotherapy machine that was allegedly written off 19 years back.

According to the former legislator, maternal mortality rate at KNH was very high considering that the hospital is the top most referral facility in the country, hence the expectations for top notch services.

Khalwale also cited incidents of stealing of babies from the institution, including the recently stolen twin baby, as another justification for the failure on the part of KNH management led by the CEO.

Regarding the brain surgery mishap, Khalwale said the suspended CEO had failed to put the appropriate administrative systems and procedures in place hence should be held accountable and the lead surgeon in the saga exonerated.

Khalwale spoke on Tuesday during an interview on a local TV station.

More than 700 registrars at KNH downed their tools on Monday following suspension of one of their own over the surgery.

The master’s students said they would not resume work until the hospital resolved systemic issues.

According to the registrars, they boycotted work for unwarranted victimisation of one of their colleagues who was sent home following a mix-up in identification tags during the brain surgery.

They held a meeting with officials of the Kenya Medical Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) on Monday morning.

KMPDU Secretary General Dr Ouma Oluga, released a statement blaming the incident on systemic failures in the hospital.

“In a Health Stakeholders meeting, the clinical officers, through their union, have categorically condemned and rejected the ‘Multi-Tasking, task shifting, task sharing’ policy from Ministry of Health and we at KMPDU totally agree and support this move.

“We have deliberated about the suspension of the neurosurgeons; We call on the KNH board to reinstate them unconditionally. Over 700 registrars working at KNH will no longer offer services until issues have been sorted out,” Dr Oluga said.

A registrar is a doctor who is undergoing further training in a specialised field of medicine in order to become a consultant.

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