September 26, 2018

How to Sell that Prime Property Online

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By Etaarifa Contributor

With today’s lifestyle, most people who have the purchasing power are also confronted with extremely busy schedules inclusive of work, family, friends and hobbies, hence in need of innovative ways to spend their money.

This very lifestyle explains why online shopping has picked up its pace in Kenya and Africa in general, but whilst most online shoppers buy clothes and household materials, the real estate products are also not left behind. People are now looking into online house hunting which is a convenient and efficient way of finding your dream home.

The growth of online house hunting is immeasurable as Internet penetration stands at 64.3 percent. According to Lamudi’s Google Analytics, 90 percent of house-hunters start their search online while 36.2 percent of smartphone users are between the ages 25-34 years of age of which 44 percent are women who are the primary drivers of house hunting.

Lamudi Kenya Managing Director Dan Karua says: “Despite the increasing trend in online house-hunting, agents need to keep abreast of the leads generated for them to close the sale. Every phone call and email lead could be your potential buyer to close the sale.”

Lamudi now shares with Etaarifa News the top tips on how to convert the online leads into sales especially for real estate agents:

Exemplary customer service
Impeccable customer service will enable the agents to close in on the sale quickly. Lamudi analytics indicate that, potential customers who were queried within the first one hour were 60 times more likely to proceed with the sale in comparison to the ones queried after one hour who were seven times likely to close in on the sale. Whereas with immediate and persistence response there is a 340 percent chance of closing the sale.

Retargeting the lead
Agents need to keep on following up on the lead generated. Lamudi analytics indicate that only 27 percent of the online leads are sales ready. Therefore, you should not despair when they mention they aren’t ready but you should constantly keep on contacting them and build a healthy relationship with the potential buyer. Regardless of their timing to buy the property, if the agent does not keep on contacting them they will get lost, feel ignored hence snatched up by your competitors. It is advised that you should keep on retargeting your lead.

Nurture the lead
It is said that those who started their relationship by providing customers with informative and efficient customer service tend to create a strong social and psychological bond with the potential buyer.

“This bond created will override your competitors and despite them not buying at first and price shopping, a sense of loyalty will drive them back to you,” Mr Karua noted.

You manage your leads by checking your contacts and updating them to an excel sheet. This keeps you up to date with the leads that have been generated. Categorize them as either hot, warm or cold. Hot leads are the ones ready to buy while warm or cold are weighing their options. It is therefore important for you to be with them through the decision process feeding them with relevant information as they prepare to make the sale.

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