July 19, 2019

How To Create a Micro Niche Site

With millions of people in the world trying to earn money online there are plenty of methods being listed by ‘gurus’ on how to start huge websites and send massive traffic toward them, but this method is starting to get too competitive and saturated—not to mention extremely time consuming. An easier, and possibly more effective way to make money online, is through the creation of a micro niche site. In just a few steps you can have your own micro niche site started and be on your way to making money online.

Select Your Micro Niche

Before you can create your site, you have to decide the niche that it’s in. A niche is just a group of online users that you will be targeting—for example, “nursing” is a very broad niche with a lot of competition. We are going to be targeting a much more specific (micro) version of this. “CNA training” would be an example of a micro niche. By choosing a micro niche you are eliminating a lot of search engine competition making it easier for you to drive larger amounts of traffic to your site.

One of the best ways to find a keyword for your micro niche site is to use the Google Adwords Keyword tool. Set the search results to “exact” and start trying out ideas. You want to find keywords that have at least 1,000 searches per month but have extremely low competition. 1,000 searches may not seem like much, but if you are able to get all of those clicks to your micro niche site it is better than trying to divide 50,000 searches per month between 200 competing websites.

Set-up Your Micro Niche Site

Once your keyword has been selected, it will be time to actually build your micro niche site. One of the best things you can do here is find a keyword that is an exact match to your domain name. This will greatly benefit your position in the search results, driving more traffic to your micro niche site.

It may  be difficult to find an exact match domain still available for your niche, but it is possible. If you can’t get an exact match try to make your domain name as close to your micro niche site keyword as possible.

Once you pick out your domain, it’s best to install a popular CMS like WordPress so you can easily add more content to your website to drive more users. When creating the micro niche site design (or choosing a template for WordPress) it is best to keep your site as simple and functional as possible. You want to convert traffic into clicks; you don’t necessarily want to keep users there.

Add Content and Monetize

Once you have your basic template set up on your micro niche site you will need to add content to get traffic. You will also need to add methods to monetize your site. A few different methods that can be just as effective are through the use of pay-per-click ads (like Google Adwords), affiliate marketing (like Clickbank) or even Amazon affiliates.

Regardless of the type of monetizing you choose, unique quality content is going to be your best friend here. You don’t necessarily have to have a micro niche site with hundreds of articles as long as the few articles you post are of an extremely high caliber.

Product reviews are one of the best types of articles to make that will allow you to convert into clicks or sales—making sure that they are informative but not to spammy will be the key to having a successful micro niche site.

If you don’t have a niche suited for product reviews, other types of articles that help convert are how-to articles, or comparisons. If you need help determining products to compare you can also use the Google Keyword Tool to track trending data to see what users are currently interested in.

Micro Niche Site is an effective way to Make Money from Google

A lot of people comment about the effectiveness of Micro Niche Sites. Whether they believe it or not, the truth is Micro Niche Sites is still doing pretty well for those who does it right. Some even make as much as $200 to $300 per month. Having one well researched keyword MNS could make you more money than having many Micro Niche Sites with poorly researched keyword.

What you need make your site a money making machine

There are many free tools which you can use to make some keyword research tools; some use Seo Book Keyword Suggestion Tool while some prefer Market Samurai. Seo Book Keyword Suggestion Tool is a good tools but the only problem is that it does not show competing page and only gives few numbers of keywords. To others, Market Samurai is the best for whatever they want to do.

Don’t create just a single or two pages site because you won’t get rank easily by on Google search. People prefer some valuable and great content.Five unique article content is pretty cool to start with.

Google love to see WP .Nearly everyone are lovers of wordpress, it very easy to setup and manage

Avoid using the similar template for your entire website. Lot of Micro Niche website template is commonly used by many website owners with which its bellow standard.

Another Important aspect is selecting a keyword which is not competitive. Low targeted keyword does better on ranking than highly competitive keyword with little effort. The success of MNS depends on the proper keyword research. I used the exact keyword as the domain which is what Google love and can easily get rank on first page. Imagine doing something very simple like “Florida Unemployment Compensation” and using it as exact domain See My sample Site.
With this, I do not do much work for traffic but I got number two on Google first page.

Adding content to your site really depend on your, I don’t really care about adding content, I am already getting traffic from search engine. You may add new content and send to your friends on twitter or facebook.Many believe that frequent posting of new content will get them to first page. Using my my site for example has just 5 posting. That doesn’t stop me from first page.

Micro Niche Websites – A New Marketing Trend

The Niche Marketing Trend has been on a rise on the world wide web since a few years. It is considered as a hot strategy right now. Many people venture into buidling Micro niche websites for the sake of earning money. There is one simple reason, the whole idea of micro niche revolves around one particular “niche” or a topic and that makes it easy to target keywords and rank website in the top in Google search. There are a lot of micro niche sites which are being sold by internet marketers now-a-days. Internet marketers have got into the habit of purchasing or making Micro niche websites, so that they could target visitors to that website and sell products related to that particular niche. The best way to monetize Micro niche sites is to add Adsense to it along with clickbank or Amazon products.

Usually the main problem with many people is finding correct niches. They struggle to find niches which are have a high search volume along with low competition so that they could rank well for these niche websites. The task of researching keyword is a tough one for many who are not much familiar with this. The hardest part is to find a keyword with high volume searches and low competition. Many people have to hire professionals to do this work for them but at the same time pay a hefty price to keep their website in the top rankings.

Many people are making huge profits by creating “Micro Niche Websites”. They create 50-100 websites on different niches. These websites are often simple to make as they require only 4-5 articles stuffed with keywords along with the links to the products they want to sell. A website with 1 landing page and 4-5 articles is all that you need to succeed in the Micro niche marketing. Softwares like “Micro Niche Finder” Have made the task of researching keywords for Your Niche Site. Once you find your keywords your 90% of your task is accomplished. The rest of the task requires you to stuff those keywords in your domain name, Articles and titles. Another Requirement for micro niche marketing is a domain name along with hosting which comes as cheap as 5$ per month.

I hope this article opens up a new opportunity for many Internet marketers who do not know about this. I have an article dedicated to this on my blog you can check it out by visiting my blog.


Micro Niche Profit Automation – All Around Micro Niches

There’s allot of cash that will be achieved through the internet however in order for a person to be a success an individual should place his highest attention within a certain micro niche. The trick to your accomplishment is going to be how many micro niches a person build and as the old saying goes the more the merrier.

However , in regards to Online marketing what exactly is a micro niche? Basically in layman lingo it’s a subset of a much larger niche. For instance the Golfing niche, at this moment this is an incredibly competitive niche and is also hardly unlikely any or perhaps the majority of us will be able to rank highly for the keyword “golf” in various search engines. However if all of us were to break reduce that niche into subsets for example “perfecting your golf swing” or “learning a golf stroke” we would have created long tail keywords in the niche golf. These are exactly what most of us refer to as micro niches.

Implementing micro niches we have got a greater potential for getting ranked highly plus they are much less demanding when compared with niche search phrases and therefore profitable. Aside from that it gives us much more chances for profit as long tail search phrases are more certain and relevant for what users are searching for.

However primary niche phrases can be highly competitive and lucrative, however the levels of competition are nearly impossible to penetrate, the ad spend and marketing budgets are normally over the top, not really what the average marketer are able to afford. I’d always recommend to my applicants to look for a niche whereby you can find several curiosity and you’ll surely unearth there is opportunity to make some really good money

o describe even more, this is the way I generally launch brand new ventures. I frequently focus on short tail keywords for instance “Writing Job” at present this is certainly incredibly competitive with high rank webpages dominating the first page of the search engines for that search term, hence will not waste time building a niche blog around that. That being said with the help of some market and keyword research tools I drilled deeper and found keywords like “proofreading job” and also “copywriter job” search phrases that you can produce a webpage around.

These types of micro niches were much less demanding and a lot of people were searching with the help of these search phrases, and targeted visitors = cash. As expected there was plenty of content accessible, pics and some instructional videos which can be used in a great blog. Additionally will not harm to monetise the micro niche site with Amazon widgets as well as Adsense.

However the search term “proofreading jobs” or perhaps “copyrighting jobs” may not have tens of thousands of searches daily and you may probably be right. However keyword phrases like these happen to be highly targeted as a consequence maximize the chance of creating a purchase if your primary blog is geared surrounding the very same product.

My last words of advice would be: seek information carefully and concentrate on long tail keywords and phrases for your own micro niche web sites and constantly be sure there is allot of content readily available your niche blogs simply because at some point the visitors will end up bored and don’t revisit your weblogs again


Niche Marketing In A Nutshell – How To Make Money Online With Profitable Niche Sites

Have you heard about niche marketing? If yes, you are on the right track to making money online. If no, then please read on…

Niche Marketing is a super lucrative marketing method and online business system which focuses on targeting various micro lucrative niches to make money online. When I say “micro”, it means niches that have not yet been discovered or are still pretty much untapped. By tapping into these micro niches, you will not be competing with the big guns out there. Instead, you will be catering to a targeted group of audiences and hungry customers that are waiting to buy your digital information and products.

Doing niche marketing is a very interesting business as you get to venture into numerous different niches and markets. You will not only earn great money from niche marketing but you will also get to learn new things from niche marketing. I particularly enjoy doing niche marketing by creating multiple niche sites or niche blogs to promote affiliate products on various lucrative niches. I usually come out and build 2-3 niche sites every week to target profitable micro niches. Of course, before you can even start to design and build your niche sites, you will need to do intensive research, that is, carefully-structured keyword research, to discover hot profitable niches to market on your sites/blogs.

The thing about doing niche marketing is that, it is quantity that counts as you will need to have a collections of various lucrative niche sites in order to earn great amount of money online. Basically, for my own money-making niche sites, I will carefully research and find the top 10 most lucrative niches to venture into. Now you might be asking, “Oh didn’t you said that we should target only untapped micro niches instead of common and extremely-competitive top niches?” Yes, I did said that but I am not targeting these common popular niches… I am identifying the top 10 most profitable niches and then I will narrow them down, i.e. going into sub-niches. Bingo! By going deeper into the top niches and coming out with micro sub-niches within the niches, you will avoid the excessive competitiveness and get straight into making money online from your niche sites.

Niche marketing has become a prevalent online business system for numerous online marketers to utilize and make great money online. It simply works and if you put your time, effort and money into creating and venturing into more niche sites every week in and week out, your online revenue income is just going to be an exponential growth for the long run. Many Internet Marketing Gurus out there will tell you how they achieve their wealth online from their “Secret Techniques” or “Secret Tricks”. They will usually say that they made big bucks online from here and there using secret tricks and techniques. Yes, they do make comfortable income online. But the thing is, they did not tell you the whole truth! These Internet Marketing Gurus make lots of money not from “secret tricks and techniques” but from their huge amount of hard work, time and money being invested into building a chain of lucrative niche sites under their belt. Simple! They made their money online from Niche Marketing and in fact, niche marketing is changing how people make money online. And I am not talking about active income streams but PASSIVE Income streams from niche marketing. In addition, the kind of niche sites that these so-called experts built are not simple cookie-cutter websites that are built within minutes using some “revolutionary” softwares. They have instead spent large amount of time, effort and money into creating and building many quality niche sites and monetize the sites for great profit online.

What is their SECRET? There is no secret at all! They simply build more and more lucrative niche sites as time goes by, and by the end of the day… they will make the bulk of the money online! If you look at the 80/20 rule, you will find that only 20 percent of the numerous Internet Marketers out there are making the most amount of money online. Why? Because they know how to do it the correct way. They may not be intelligent but they are clever and smart. They, including me, know that 80 percent of the online marketers are doing the wrong things or are either mis-led and only the 20 percent of us are making the real money online! We know how to do keyword research to identify lucrative sub-niches to target and then start building sites revolving around these sub-niches. Next, we will begin marketing these niche sites intensively and begin earning money online. And most of these niche sites are painstakingly built and set up once, monetized and optimized, do the marketing intensively for a few months and they are off to be left around to help us collect Passive Income online for the long-term!

Imagine if you have more than 100 such niche sites, if each niche site earns you just US$1 per day, one day you will earn US$100 and one month you will earn a whopping US$3000 just with these 100 lucrative niche sites! And the revenue doesn’t just stop there, you can keep increasing your portfolio of lucrative niche sites (i.e. create and build more and more lucrative niche sites), monetize the sites with more affiliate products and ads and then increase your marketing and promotion effort… then you will be making even more money online! That’s how the real Internet Marketers made their fortune ONLINE! This is the TRUTH that has been finally REVEALED!

Now, the thing that most newbie Internet Marketers face is the problem of building such quality niche sites online. Even if you have some web developing and web designing skills, you will still face another problem of how to monetize and optimize your niche sites. You are not a web designer and neither are you a SEO expert. In addition, the time and effort spent on researching and building niche sites are definitely not easy and most newbie Internet Marketers and even veteran marketers struggled at doing all these!

The Good News is, I personally own a Niche Marketing Web Development platform where I help many of my clients to build lucrative Premium Niche WordPress Sites for them to get started on the Internet. If you tap on my more than 4 years of Niche Marketing experience to assist you in building these profitable niche sites, then you will not only reduce your own workload and stress but also get to quicken your process of learning how to make money online. You too can learn how to build a wordpress website and make money online now!

For a very limited period, I am offering my services to help you build your first Premium Niche WordPress Site. The niche sites that I will be building for you will be carefully-researched, gorgeously-designed, well-monetized and SEO-Optimized and superbly well-implemented with lucrative affiliate products and ads to help you start making money online with niche websites.

Micro Niche Espionage Reviewed for New and also Experienced Marketers

Many things are not difficult once you know how to do them, and that is also true of executing proper research for money-making niche markets. This is essential because choosing the wrong market, or keywords for a market, will simply doom you to failure and squandered time. If you go after a market that is poor, then it truly does not matter what product you promote. Even if you happen to be an authority at niche research, we will bet you’d probably love to have all of that completed for you. For those who are interested to know about easy to rank for keywords and phrases in niches that aren’t saturated, then you may like Micro Niche Espionage. So it is apparent that this is valuable for online marketers inspite of experience

The creators of Micro Niche Espionage say they analyzed 25 million keywords and phrases according to their criteria for earnings and saturation. All the keyword tools rarely scratch the surface from the total estimate of profitable keyword phrases. The good thing about this approach is selecting keywords in which half the planet isn’t using which obviously makes it much simpler for you. After all their researching, they created a database of half a million keywords and phrases. What they have also pointed out is they are not completed building this phenomenal database of markets. The keyword phrases within this database are the types in which you are going to have the best chance for achieving a first page search engine ranking in Google. There are basically few limitations with what may be accomplished with this kind of database.

Their standard technique included using the well-known parameters for niche market research wth SEO in mind. They utilized page 1 of the search engine results positioning from Google in setting this up. They took into mind the amount of Adwords advertisements, inward bound linking numbers, domain age for Seo, and of course page rank or PR. Enormous authority sites may be difficult to outrank, and they analyzed the keywords against those sites, as well. They often use an expression on their sites for authority sites, and this term is Rank Magnets. The more Rank Magnets you might be up against, then it could become just about impossible to overpower them.

There is however more they examined for when making this tremendous list of keywords. Making use of the latest version of Google’s keyword tool, they performed more analysis as follows. First, they carried out the normal exact phrase match using local search in addition to global search. At that point they analyzed domains available for exact match, Adsense earnings potential and Adwords Cost per Click.

When you look at the support area for Micro Niche Espionage, you will note lots of useful resources. Read articles, PDF tutorials along with video lessons in addition to a great deal more. They do have an affiliate marketing program, and plenty of Q and A’s for administrative inquiries such as billing, etc. Besides tutorials, they have a great deal of articles about getting the most out of the database.


How To Make Money With Niche Review Sites Using Free Software

Every day thousands of people buy products online and many of them will look for information and feedback on a product before making their choice. In fact, a lot of buyers will only complete a purchase after reading a review about the product or service they are interested in. By building your own review sites, you can provide people with your honest and valuable opinions to help them make their decision and when they buy through your affiliate link you can earn some money.

Setting up a new review site is surprisingly easy, you can have your own site set up and your first review online in less than an hour. Writing reviews is also simple, you don’t have to be an expert to write really useful, informative reviews that will help your readers find exactly what they are looking for. You might find it easier to write about products in a niche that you yourself are interested in but there’s no need to limit yourself. There’s so much information available on just about every product out there, you can build sites around any popular product or service. You can review a broad range of products within a category or build a micro niche review site where you target a very specific group of buyers.

Of course, as well as providing real value to your readers, you also want them to go on to actually buy something! For this reason, you should try to find products that convert well. One way to to do that is to do a quick search on Google for a product in the niche you are considering writing for. Take note of any review sites that appear as paid ads in the results. Anyone who is paying for ads is making a regular income from their sites. Do a little research on the most popular sites in the niche. Which products are most visible on those sites? What can you learn from the way those products are reviewed?

When researching a product, look for both the positive and the negative aspects of other peoples’ reviews. If most of the information you find is negative, then maybe that’s not a good product to review. Your visitors will be looking for honest and truthful opinions. If they wanted someone to sell it to them, they would go to the manufacturer’s site or the retailer. What your readers want is genuine information to help them make their decision. A lot of review sites will have actual purchasers’ comments which can be a great source of real information. Remember you are researching the product, spending time looking for information for your readers so that they don’t have to. The value in your review site is the convenience you provide to people by doing the research for them.

When you’ve created your first review site and seen just how easy it really is, you will probably want to go on building more and more informative sites giving a lot of value to your readers and multiplying your revenue in the process.

Getting started with your first review site is easier than you might think.

All you need is a domain name, a basic hosting account, a free PHP review site script and a few hours of your time.


Niche Marketing Strategy…Online Marketing Strategies

It is no secret that the key to success in online is to find your own unique niches. If you can find that one or two little areas, that one little thing you can do better than just about anybody else, you’re well on your way to making your dreams come true. From there, it is just a matter of giving it your best effort, and the world is your oyster. This is one of the easyest ways to build a niche business  when it comes to marketing on the Internet. By implementing niche marketing strategies, you will be able to maneuver through the maze of traffic on the information superhighway and concentrate your efforts where they will be the most cost-effective online marketing strategies  . With micro niche finders, you will be able to uncover the most lucrative niche markets on the web.

By using specially designed software tools, you will be able to unearth those hard-to-find profit streams that have managed to elude the masses. By following the simple instruction e-book and videos MNF  will show you how you can have these niches all to yourself, without having to share the wealth with others who would love nothing better than to have a piece of the action. The big difference is that you will have the secret to how to make the most money in the shortest amount of time without having to go through the grueling and often costly process of trial and error that almost always leads to failure.

There are several lucrative profit streams that MNF will help you take advantage of. First, you can learn how to make regular commissions just by writing simple 250 to 300 word  articles that promote some of the best  products. Now, you won’t be wasting time promoting products that have been marketed to death, or that nobody wants. A second profit stream is making residual income with AdSense content pages. It’s just a matter of knowing how to set one page mini sites  and then sitting back and watching the money roll in.

Another niche marketing strategy is generated with MNF entails creating websites and articles to market private label rights packages and selling them to marketers. Also, by learning how to build simple Mini Sites, you will have access to a way to make money that few have yet to discover. Finally, cash in on the eBay cash cow by creating eBay feeder pages that link to targeted niche eBay auctions. By carving out your own special niche business, this is not an instant make money stategy but by giving your self ninty to 120 days success is sure to follow.


Finding Great Profitable Niches

One of the best “secrets” to internet marketing is to find a underserved niche market and serve them with the products and info the want.

The concept sounds simple enough, but I find that for many people, actually going and FINDING a niche market proves to be a very difficult task – let alone finding niche keywords to go with it!

Take a look at the biggies. You can find out things that are selling and develop a profitable niche around it, but I would advise you to find things that personally interest you. If you’re a niche marketer, odds are good that Google and online marketing is causing big headaches for you lately (trust me, you’re not alone day after day things are getting very tough).

Finding a great niche involves uncovering a need that people are looking online to have fulfilled. However it doesn’t mean that you have to find niches that no one has ever found before, which is often where people get confused. I’m sure there are niches out there that no one is marketing in, and you may do well if you find these, but I don’t look for them myself. I prefer to look at niches where there is money being spent, and where I know I can make a site that will out do the competition on some level. You don’t have to be the first one in the niche to be able to make a profitable site in the niche. Just do your site better than the others, and look for weaknesses in the main players sites.

Finding niche markets and niche keywords is not hard. In fact, it is very easy IF you have the right tools. Don’t short-change your marketing efforts by avoiding anything that costs money for doing market research. With a good tool, the small amount spent will save you a LOT of time in the long run AND make your efforts more profitable.

Tips to find your niche

1. Find a niche product or service you are passionate
2. Choose a niche product or service you are knowledgeable
3. Define your niche market
4. Build and promote your web site
5. Get Traffic

Niche marketing is the key to developing a profitable business that will make you stand out from the crowd. The bigger the site the more competitive the term can be, but if you’re building a micro niche site (one or two pages), a Squidoo lens, or something small you want to keep the competition to a very low level so you will be able to get it ranking in the search engines.


Why Are Internet Niche Markets So Important?

Niche markets are highly targeted and exist because the demand for the specific content or services is not fulfilled by the current large suppliers. Creating an online retail store on African Miniature Sculptures will basically work because it satisfies the existing product and information demand by a consumer market that is neglected by other retailers.

Long tail keywords are basically what we are all looking for in niche markets, often called micro-niches. Despite their efforts to satisfy the masses, low demand or specialized products are still not provided by the mainstream retailers with one of the highest distribution.

We all know that big retailers or the market leaders always dominate for one reason: their brand and competitive pricing but niche businesses always win when it comes to niche product variety.

This niche focus and emphasis on fulfilling the needs of a highly targeted market. Niche markets have proven to work at their best while markets are always expanding.

Why choose a niche-market?

Because no one is born a huge retailer, you can target the exact products for the right customers, trends are always changing people are always looking for the highest quality products in niche markets.

How do we find the perfect niche market that will suit your online business?

Recently I have been researching the whole software market and found Micro-Niche Finder to best one of the best tool to drive laser targeted traffic to your micro-niche website. Either you are selling Cuban Cigars or Vintage Silver Jewelery this software will find the exact long tail keywords you need. Micro Niche soft-ware is practically an advanced tool to detect the most profitable niche-markets online.

Wheter you’re promoting a psychical product or an informational product, it’s vital that you utilize article marketing in your marketing efforts to increase your traffic, sales and potential customers. I’ve been building my business online since 2008 from article traffic alone and I’m sure anyone can.

Do you want to learn more about online article marketing and how you can drive hoards of traffic to your sites using short and insightful articles?


5 Reasons to Build Multiple Niche Websites and Leverage Them

Having a single website allows you to showcase all your services in one place. Imagine having multiple websites, each of which focus on a different service altogether. A single e-commerce website is likely to contain hundreds of pages which describe each product in detail. Having multiple micro websites would allow you to categorize the products and list them in their respective niche website.

In simple terms, multiple niche websites or micro sites support the main website by focusing on the content and driving traffic to the main site. You should build multiple niche sites only if you have the required experience in each niche. You must remember that each micro site requires a lot of time and resources dedicated to it.

You Can Build Multiple Niche Websites In The Following Way:

  1. Use a different domain name for each micro site.
  2. Create a sub domain for every niche website.
  3. Create subfolders within the main website.

Each of the above can be used depending on the resources available to you. But, the best results for organic seo will be achieved by creating a different domain for every niche website. Advantages of Having Independent-Multiple Niche Websites:

  1. No Fear of Website Downtime. Even if one of the website goes down, all the other micro websites will be live and running. If you have one main website and there is a system downtime, you will lose a lot of traffic and mainly, conversions.
  2. Increase in Quality Back Links. You can link each of your micro sites to the main website. This will increase the number of good quality backlinks to the main website. Eventually it will lead to higher ranking and more traffic to the main website.
  3. A Number of Authoritative Websites. If you optimize the micro websites well, over a period of time they will begin to hold well on their own. Such websites go on to become authoritative in their niche. This makes the entire experience of creating micro sites worthwhile and truly enriching.
  4. You Can Expand Your Online Empire. Multiple niche websites give you a chance to take your business to the next level. Once your micro sites start ranking well in local search engines, you can focus on getting into the top results of other countries.
  5. You Can Tap Into the Needs of the Visitors. Web Analytics tool plays an important part in understanding the visitors behavior. You can use the web analytics tool to understand the influence of your micro sites in every country. This will enable you to analyze the market of your services in other countries. You can gain important insights and make strategic decisions for your business with this data.
  6. The most successful example of multiple niche sites is that of Google. Google has tightly integrated all its micro websites (e.g. Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Webmasters Tools etc) and turned each of them into an authoritative website.
  7. Building multiple niche websites and maintaining them is not an easy task. With enough time and efforts they bring successful results in the form of lead generation.


Money Making Niche Market Ideas

If you’ve been on the internet for any length of time then you’ve heard the current internet buzz about Niche Marketing. It’s one of the hottest topics out there right now. The conception of Niche Marketing may be more or less new to the internet but in the day to day world of bricks ‘n’ mortar businesses it’s not something at all new. It’s actually how things have always been done. So then you might be thinking just what is Niche Marketing and how does it all work? For that matter you may also be thinking “Why should I care?”

If you have ever taken a basic marketing course in school then you have heard the time worn saying, “Find a need and fill it.” This is just what discovering a niche idea, for Niche Marketing is about. You want to find a targeted group of people who have a particular interest in the niche, and who are anxious to spend money on that interest. Your aim is to ascertain a suitable service or product for these targeted people who have an interest in purchasing it. This is the marketing aspect of “Niche Marketing.”

Here are just a few examples of a niche:

People Searches, Dating, Your pets, Jewelry, Golf, Cooking, Loans, Insurance, Beauty Products, Hair Care, Music, Cooking, Travel…..and I’m sure from this brief niche list that you get the idea. We could create an infinite niche idea list here. But think of this niche idea list as the key categories, as there are many sub-categories in each of these niches. No matter what topic you think of you’ll no doubt be able to find a niche market for your niche idea.

Yet in discovering a niche idea for your niche market that will help you to do well you need to ascertain a highly focused niche. Should you focus on too broad of a market when attempting to hit upon a niche idea then you’re faced with tough competition which makes it extremely challenging, if not unfeasible, for the average Joe or Jane to get a foot in the door.

You’re eliminating the heavy hitters and big dogs in on-line marketing when you narrow down the market size with your niche idea. These guru marketers have countless ad dollars yet in picking a tight niche market you’re basically setting yourself up for success as these big dogs aren’t interested in earning a couple thousand dollars each year from these micro niches. Their interests lie in making millions in the foremost mass markets. So in researching your niche idea judiciously and making the right choice you’re well on your way to micro niche success.

And unlike these heavy hitter marketers if you’re one person going it alone on line there’s no way that you can be everything for everybody, so picking a micro niche idea to focus on makes tremendous business sense. For example instead of choosing the dating niche, focus on “Seniors Dating” or “Gay Dating” or “Asian Dating.” Are you starting to get the idea now? No matter what niche idea you come up with, chances are that you can narrow it down to many more micro niches. You could even narrow it down to your local market as in “fly fishing lures in Los Angeles.”

The Micro Niche Idea Competitive Edge:

As soon as you’ve narrowed down your niche market idea into a micro niche idea you now have a great advantage over bigger companies. Here’re a few of the reasons why you now have that advantage:

  • In a micro niche you can promptly establish yourself as an expert in your field, if not already one.
  • In a micro niche market it’s much simpler to stay up to date on the market trends
  • When transformations do happen in your micro niche you are able to react much more rapidly
  • You’ll be in a position to build tight relationships with key customers that competitors can’t beat.

Working Through the Steps to Your Micro Niche Idea:

  • Let’s say that you want to check out a micro niche idea for fishing. Type in the broad term “fishing” in the KW tool will bring up a list of more detailed “fishing” related keywords such as “fly fishing”, “fishing tackle”, “fishing boats” and the list goes on. Now the key in discovering a micro niche idea with less competition is to scroll down to the searches that show about 1000 searches a month for those keywords. This will bring us in to terms like “daiwa fishing reels”, “saltwater fishing tackle”, “bass fishing tackle” and so on. Now you see that within the broad niche of “fishing” there are various micro niches to be found. With at least 1000 monthly searches you can be sure that there is an interest in your micro niche idea and the competition won’t be so difficult that you don’t have a chance in the market.
  • In researching your micro niche idea and having done this you’ve taken the very first step in uncovering a lucrative micro niche, the research. And once you decide on a specific micro niche idea you’ve fulfilled the second step, finding an acceptable product or service to market. With steps 1 and 2 out of the way the third step is to set up a website or niche blog so that you can market your micro niche idea. And once you’re set up and running then you need to find a marketing, advertising and promotional strategy that works for you and stay consistent with it.
  • When you get your first micro niche idea site launched and have learned just how uncomplicated it all is then you can duplicate this process over and over with various other micro niche ideas. Imagine if just one micro niche idea site were earning you just $10 a day. That’s $3650 a year. Now think of having 10 sites earning the same or 20 and how much you could earn yearly. The overall cost for all of this would only be the cost for each domain and your hosting service. You can find web hosting that hosts unlimited Word Press blogs for under $10 a month.

Things to Consider:

  • If you’re a veteran online marketer then you know it’s not as straightforward as putting up a site and expecting the consumers or traffic to come. And if you’re brand new to on line marketing you should know right now that in order to show a profit you’ll need to work at this, learn marketing strategies to get traffic, and stay on top of your business to attain success. Just like any business, if you put in the hard work, the benefits will follow.


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