July 02, 2020

How NTSA plans to avert more deaths at Sachagwan black spot

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has announced a plan to avert more deaths at the Sachagwan black spot along the Nakuru-Eldoret Highway.

NTSA Director-general Francis Meja said on Tuesday (12/12/2017) plans were underway to construct a dual carriageway at Sachagwan as part of the solution to the current problem.

“We are considering a dual carriageway to ensure that those vehicles driving down do not use the same road as those travelling up,” Meja pointed out.

Over 30 people were killed on Tuesday in a 13 vehicle pile-up on the black spot during Jamhuri Day celebrations.

Police at the scene said the accident was caused by a lorry driver attempting to evade NTSA agents.

NTSA, however, refuted police reports that its officers caused the deadly accident.

NTSA boss Meja said his officers had actually prevented more deaths.

He said one of the officers tried to control oncoming vehicles by directing them off the road.

“But unfortunately those coming from the other direction suffered most as a result of a corner just few metres from the accident scene.

“If you look at the distance where our vehicles were stationed at that time, it is just 500 metres and there is no way the truck would have gained such momentum … We therefore ask the public to stop such speculations,” Meja stressed.

“It would be horrible to crucify officers who are diligently doing their work without verifying the information. Just because our fleet was few meters to the scene it should not be perceived that it was pursuing the truck,” he added.

The horrific crash involved a Modern Coast bus, a Great Rift Valley matatu and a private car among other vehicles.

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