February 17, 2020

High Court deals Governor Obado major blow

Migori Governor Okoth Obado was dealt a major blow on Friday.

This is after the ruling of the bail application was pushed forward by the High Court.

Obado’s legal team led by Lawyer Cliff Ombeta left the courtroom dejected after Judge Jessy Lessit pushed the ruling on the bail appeal to Wednesday, October 24.

The lawyers could be seen shaking their heads after things did not go as they anticipated despite their efforts urging the judge to adjust the date forward.

The court session took close to two and a half hours as the lawyers presented the reason why the Migori Governor, his personal assistant Michael Oyamo and Migori County clerk Caspal Obiero should be granted bail after they served the extra days that were issued by the court.

According to the legal team, Obado was arrested due to public pressure considering he had no criminal record.

Ombeta challenged the prosecution team to provide the court with evidence that the leader had attempted to interfere with the case.

“Have they shown you that the 1st accused person (Okoth Obado) has attempted in any way to abscond or prepared to do so? That is the evidence we want them, the prosecution, to produce,” remarked Ombeta.

He further explained that the lack of evidence by the prosecution team validates why the politician should not remain in police custody.

“In all the affidavits that they have used to reply, everything there has been on guess form. They want you to join hands and speculate with them,” he stated.

This was the second bail appeal by the trio after the first one was rejected by the court.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji on Tuesday ordered a second murder charge for the three accused after they pleaded not guilty to Sharon Otieno’s murder.

The second charge given by the DPP was in regards to the murder of Sharon’s unborn child following the decision by the court to combine the two cases.

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