October 23, 2018

Guidelines To Buying a Laptop online


laptops  By Ken Kaugi

The Internet has made shopping simpler with the ability to shop from your comfort. This has taken the phrase ‘let your fingers do the walking for you’ to a whole new level. In addition, it has allowed for the ability to compare prices of different vendors and best deals available in the market.

When looking for a laptop to purchase, there are factors to consider.

Frequent business travel. Purchasing a computer that will be constantly used while traveling requires some considerations like weight and size of the laptop. The size will ease the operation of the laptop while the weight will make it portable easily for example like a laptop with 13 inch screen and 5-6 pounds of weight.

The laptop should have high performance and have the ability to store power for long time like 3- 4 hours. Generally, Dell and IBM have good reputation in the business community.

Home desktop replacement. One may need to replace the desktop used at home and this will require replacing them with laptops which will almost do everything. Laptops ideal for replacing the desktops are generally big and heavy because they are not easily portable . Battery life does not count as the laptops tend to mostly be plugged in to electricity. The screen recommended may be from an upwards of 17 inches and with a bright screen.

Also recommended is a video card with 512 MB random accessing memory (RAM) dedicated and system RAM of 3 to 4 GB. Thus, HP, Alien ware and Gateway are the best selection for replacement of desktops at home.

Budget laptop. The amount needed to buy a laptop plays a critical role in determining the model you buy. However, this may limit the usage of your laptop to simple internet browsing options and other simple applications.

Where to buy. Dell Company offers the lowest prices in the world. However the offices are not globally found in all countries but some online stores can provide easy purchase. They include buy.com and amazon. Other websites include eBay and eCost among others.

Warranty or no warranty. This is very important factor to consider when buying a laptop. This is because it determines how you value your laptop. Having warranty enables you have your laptop diagnosed in case of any problem before the expiry of the warrant period.

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