April 20, 2019

Governor Joho happy with his KCSE grade

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho admitted on Tuesday (28/03/17) he got a D- (minus) in the 1993 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), which he sat at Serani Secondary School in Mombasa.

Mr Joho stressed that he was contented with the grade because he had turned it around into “real success”.

“Very few people have worked for their own school fees, I am one of them. I take pride, as a Kenyan, to be who I am today. I have come from far, yes. I believe I am going far.

“That is the difference between me and leaders of the Jubilee government. I knew this was coming (the controversy surrounding his education), and there is a lot more which is coming. They are determined to ensure I won’t be in the ballot on August 8. I know they have also launched investigations into my birth certificate.

“I am very different from, for example, Uhuru Kenyatta. Some of us have had to struggle to reach where we are today. When I was young, I supported my family in selling vitumbua (Swahili rice cake) so that they could contribute toward raising my school fees. After school, I would go look for menial jobs to, at least, earn an extra coin,” Joho explained.

Joho confirmed that he scored a D- (minus), and not a C+ (plus), as had been claimed in a fake certificate.

“Yes, I am a holder of a D- (minus), and I have been able to change a lot about my life. Today, I have progressed, and I am almost pursuing my Master’s degree. This should inspire Kenyans. This is just but the beginning, my friend. I will continue to ask the hard questions. I will remind them that the citizens are watching you. And at some point, individually, you will be held to account. Threats don’t cow us, some of us, it doesn’t cow us,” he reiterated.

The Mombasa Governor added he would honour summons to appear before criminal investigators in Mombasa on Wednesday, noting that he has nothing to hide.

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