February 17, 2020

Government surprises Kibra community

President Uhuru Kenyatta issued the Nubian community with a title for 288 acres of land in Kibra in Friday (2/06/17).

The Head of State indicated that the government does not expect the issuance of the title to the community to cause any disharmony.

“You have lived in Kibra for many years without knowing whether you will continue living in your home the next day but that problem is now over,” said the President as he pledged to work with the Nubian Community so that they can live in Kibra with dignity, pride and prosperity.

According to PSCU, at State House Nairobi, President Uhuru told the Nubian leaders led by the Chairman of the Council of Elders of the Kenyan Nubians, Sheikh Issa Abdulfaraj, “ultimately we have found justice for you and I am very proud,” before he handed a certificate of incorporation in the name of the Nubian community trust.

The President reiterated that the Government would work with the community to make their land a model city by providing proper planning and public utilities.

The acres are what was left of the Kibra military reserve which was 4,197 acres large when it was established in 1902.

Over the years, parts of the reserve, where the Nubians were settled by the colonial government, were taken up by public utilities including Nairobi National Park, Lang’ata Cemetery, Lang’ata Women’s Prison, Jamhuri Park and residential estates.

Since Kenya gained independence, the Nubian community had been pleading with successive governments to issue them with titles for what was left of the land.

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