August 19, 2018

Government identifies 4 Cholera hotspots

The Ministry of Health has pointed out four counties as major cholera hotspots.

Nairobi, Kisumu, Machakos and Garissa counties are the most affected based on the abnormal number of cases reported and deaths caused by the disease.

Health Permanent Secretary Julius Korir said that Nairobi has six trouble spots – the highest per county in Kenya – including Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Mukuru Kwa Rueben, Huruma and Mathare.

“In Nairobi alone, we have been forced to open up six treatment centres to try and mitigate the situation,” Mr Korir indicated on Wednesday (26/07/17).

The health PS also added that the Government is also working with international bodies to control the situation.

“The Government has sought the help of international bodies such World Health Organization in mitigating the outbreak,” Korir noted.

Korir was speaking during the 10th edition of the Kenya Medical Training College annual sports competition.

Health Cabinet Secretary Cleopa Mailu said on Tuesday that the number of new Cholera cases reported daily has drastically reduced from 60 to 35.

Through a statement to newsrooms, Mr Mailu stated that through treatment of water sources, cases of cholera reported in Nairobi and other affected counties had reduced.

He indicated the Ministry of Health is working with the Nairobi County Government, the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, and the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company to provide safe water through bowsers to the cholera affected areas.

“We have identified water sources as one of the major risk factors as a result of direct contamination,” he said.

Issues of water contamination including repair of sewer lines which have contributed to the outbreak are also being addressed.

The Health CS added that the Ministry is working with local FM radio stations to provide health talk shows, targeting the affected communities on hygiene and water treatment.

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