April 20, 2019

Frida Mwaka: The Entrepreneur with a Taste for the Coast

Frida Mwaka

By Telford Aduda

“Keep pushing, no matter how big the mountain is, push and trust in God,” these are the words of wisdom from Frida Mwaka, a fourth year student and entrepreneur from Daystar University pursuing bachelor’s degree in Public relations/international relations.

Apart from being a student, Frida is also doing business of selling ‘mabuyu’ and ‘Viazi Karai’ (fried potatoes) at Daystar University.

According to Frida, her father was an entrepreneur and that is what motivated her to venture into business. She began selling ‘mabuyu’ at the University in August 2013. She indicated that Daystar lacked something Coastal and that is what pushed her into this venture.

“I began selling ‘mabuyu’ in August 2013 to test the market, that’s when I found out that Daystar students had fallen in love with ‘mabuyu’. It was at this moment that I realized that Daystar needed something Coastal and then I began selling ‘Viazi Karai’ In January 2014,” Frida Mwaka.

“I realized that that the prices of the food in the school was a bit too high and most of the students does not like cooking, so I decided to give them something that is affordable,” Frida Mwaka.

Frida makes a profit of Ksh. 2000 per day. She sells one ‘viazi Karai’ at Ksh. 5. Frida currently own a shop in Mombasa called Sherfie Designs, where she sells make up, accessories, shoes, outfit and handbags.

Frida has mentioned time, high demand, transport and lack of shops in the school as her major challenges.
Being a student, she has to be in class and at the same time prepare “viazi karai”. She said that she cooks ‘viazi karai’ in the evenings.

She also said that there is high demand for ‘viazi karai’ is too high and because she lacks time, she is forced to make few ‘Viazi Karai’ hence she loses a lot of customers each day.

Because there are no shops in the school, she is forced to assemble all these at her hostel. “I have a dream to build my own shop in the school,” said Frida, “I have many things to do relating to coastal snack”.

Despite all these challenges, Frida has been able to reap from her sweat; she has been able to record her gospel song called Msaada Wangu.

She also supports orphans and so far she has two orphans in high school one at Kakamega High school and the other at Mama Ngina Secondary school in Mombasa.

She also provides sanitary towels to orphanages.

“Don’t be that student who depends on pocket money, investment will never let you down, it will save you at one point in your life,” this is her advice to the students.

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