July 19, 2019

Free event listing website “funjaza” launches in Kenya.


By Nina Mulamba

A new entertainment events listing site, which has been dubbed as “Funjaza,” has been launched in Kenya. The website targets organizers, promoters and the general public and its intended to allow users to easily find and post entertainment events taking place across the country free of charge.

“There have been many instances in the past when I’ve struggled to find something entertaining to do as information on events is either not available, or is scattered across the internet. I wanted to fill this gap by creating a user-friendly website that allows people to view and share events happening in the county for free. Funjaza has great features for event organizer’s and promoters, as well as the general public and will hopefully become the leading source of entertainment event information in Kenya,” stated Funjaza founder, Paul Wandimi.

Users will get the opportunity to filter upcoming and ongoing events by county, event category, date and entry fee (paid vs. free). In addition, users can easily find events happening within a 5km radius of their location, through the use of a geo location feature. If one finds an interesting event happening in future, they can save it for later reference at the click of a button. Users can also easily share events on Facebook and Twitter straight from the site.

“A great feature of the site is its search capability,” stated Wandimi. “Whether using a computer or a mobile phone, you can quickly and easily search for events using the search bar, filters, as well as the geo location feature.”

Content on Funjaza is fully user-generated, according to Wandimi, giving event organizers and promoters another avenue to advertise their events for free. After a simple sign up process, they can share upcoming events on the site. Furthermore, they can also see the number of people who have viewed or saved their event.

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