April 20, 2019

Foul Mouthed Mo Farah?

Mo Farah

British runner claims Mo Farah allegedly told him to F*** off after Farah won the 5000 Meter race at the IAAF Lausanne Diamond League.

World 5000 and 10000 meter double champion Mo Farah allegedly hurled expletives at fellow British compatriot Andy Vernon after running a superb race in the 5000 meter encounter at the IAAF Lausanne Diamond league challenge in Switzerland on Thursday. The incident was said to have happened as Farah was on his way to address the press after winning the race in 13 minutes 11.77 seconds while Vernon finished 15th with a time of 13 minutes 47.97 seconds. Mo Farah celebrated wildly punching his fists into the air as many wondered where his usual conservative celebration had disappeared to.

“I went to shake his hand and he turned his back on me and told me to f*** off,” explained Vernon. “I wanted to bury the hatchet, I’m going up to Font-Romeu (where Farah trains in France) in a few days’ time and I just wanted to end it.”

“To not even be a sportsman and shake my hand I think is pretty disgraceful, to be honest. Like in the armed forces, you salute the rank not the person sometimes.”

“I wanted to congratulate the performance. Whether we’re friends or not, I can appreciate a good performance but I get that reaction.” Vernon told press after the incident.

Farah’s bad reaction could be attributed to an incident after last year’s European Championships where Vernon controversially implied that the Somali born Farah was not European. Earlier this year, Farah called Vernon “an embarrassment” after he criticized the lack of high-level competition to face Farah in Birmingham.

Farah quickly shrugged off any questions pertaining to the incident in his press conference telling members of the press that he had not done or seen anything of the sort. He also commented on the race saying he was happy he won the race especially since there was a high level of competition at the tournament. The last few months have been shrouded in controversy as Farah’s coach has been embroiled in controversy over doping allegations.

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