May 24, 2019

Fixed Wireless Services Drop as Mobile Penetration Grows by 3 Percent


By Etaarifa Contributor

Fixed wireless services dropped by 56.3 percent between April and June this year as the main player in that market segment, Telkom Kenya (Orange) terminated its services.

According to the latest sector statistics by the Communications Authority of Kenya, subscriptions to fixed wireless services dropped to 87,774 compared to 202,961 as fixed line subscribers migrated to GSM services.

However, the mobile market continued on an upward trajectory and was recorded at 36.1 million subscriptions at the end of June up from 34.8 million subscriptions in the previous quarter. Mobile penetration was recorded at 83.9 percent down from 85.5 percent recorded in the previous quarter. The slight decrease was as a result of the revision of population statistics in the Economic Survey 2015 from 40.7 million to 43.0 million.

Mobile money transfer subscriptions rose to 27.7 million during the quarter from 26.7 million in the previous quarter representing a 3.5 percent increase. Compared to the same period of the previous year, there was a 7.9 percent growth. The number of active agents rose to 129,357 up from 126,622 recorded during the previous quarter.

Data/Internet subscriptions continued to grow by 5.9 percent to reach 19.9 million during the quarter up from 18.8 million. Consequently, the estimated number of internet users grew to 29.6 million users from 29.1 million posted in the last quarter. Compared to the same period last year, the number of internet/data subscriptions and users has grown by 42.0 and 32.9 percent respectively.

Broadband subscriptions grew by 6.1 percent to reach 5.32 million up from 5.01 million subscriptions reported during the last quarter. The number has more than doubled compared to 2.9 million subscriptions during the same period in the previous year. Mobile broadband subscriptions remain at 99 percent of the total broadband subscriptions.

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