February 18, 2019

How faithful is your partner? Here is an app to help you


With global digitalization and advancement in technology, everything is almost possible. This has led to the development of an application for almost every function. For example, with the increased cases of unfaithfulness among partners, there is an application that helps establish whether your partner is becoming unfaithful by use mobile app to help you, mCouple app.

MCouple app is a mobile application developed by London based firm mSpy. The redesigning of the application from cheaters app to mCouple has resulted to improved efficiency in reliability. This includes tracking of all digital details of your partner life in case you suspect he or she is cheating in a relationship. The app has to be downloaded strictly with the consent of the other partner.

The application provides you with access to your partner’s every call made, text and any e-mail. It includes any activity on Skype, Facebook, Instagram as well as any pictures or content shared by your partner smart phone. Ensuring the track and monitoring of the social media of the partner gives any arising doubts from social life of partner.

The app is designed to record the calls made, any conversation and it tracks the movement of your partner’s smartphone using GPS technology. This makes you monitor every suspected affairs using the application.

The app does not only target cheating spouses but helps parents to keep vigil on their children movements as they operate in their place of work. It can be used in offices to track the staff and monitor them to ensure they perform their duty as expected.

However, the mCouple faces critics that it may be encouraging stalking of people and chances of break ups at eve of realisation of victim under tracking. The app download states only with consent of the partner hence avoiding any chances of stalking

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