June 17, 2019

Facebook to Embrace LIVE STREAMING Video Feature


By Nina Mulamba

Celebrities will now be able to engage further with their fans via social media network thanks to the Facebook live video feature.

The celebrities will only have to tap the ‘Post’ button inside the Mentions app, and then select the Live Video option. Once they are done with their recording, they will simply add a description of the video and proceed to pressing the ‘Go Live’ button whenever they are ready to post it to their fans.

The fans will thereafter be able to receive notifications if the Live Stream video is from a celebrity they follow. The fans will be able to comment, like or even share the video while viewing a stream. One will also get a notification about the broadcast if they recently have interacted with a celebrity’s posts.

Celebrities will also be able to toggle between their Smartphone’s front and rear cameras, see how many viewers have tuned in, as well as view or hide their comments. Videos are saved afterwards to their Facebook Pages.

Facebook is launching the service amid competition in live streaming from Twitter’s Periscope and the independent Meerkat app, both of which launched their versions of the service this year.

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