June 17, 2019

Facebook makes it Easier for Users to Donate to Charities


By Nina Mulamba

Facebook has released a new feature called “fundraisers” that allows charities to use their own pages to raise funds for specific campaigns, a process that should take users just a few simple steps to complete.

Facebook will also now include a “donate” button on pages and posts, allowing users to make a contribution directly from their News Feeds. The button will also enable people to give money more easily from their News feeds and the new fundraiser pages.


“We’re taking the next step on that journey as we begin testing fundraisers for non-profits,” company CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post. “We hope this makes it easy for you to support the causes you care about.”

Users have been able to donate to charities on Facebook since 2013. Now charitable organizations can create pages centered on specific issues, complete with visual tools so people can see how close a campaign is to reaching its goal.
Facebook is testing the new features with 37 charities that include Mercy Corps, National Multiple Sclerosis Society and World Wildlife Fund. The social network said the tools will be made available to as many organizations as possible in the future.

Generous internet users now have lots of ways to donate to good causes. On Twitter, they can donate using hashtags and Google sometimes adds a “Donate” button over its search results.

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