August 19, 2018

Everyday Habits That Will Make You a Millionaire

By Alex Misuko

Below are 5 habits that will make you a Millionaire.


Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Learning should be a daily routine, keeping your mind and ideas young and elastic. Read across disciplines, while it’s tempting to focus only on entrepreneurial topics, it’s wisest to be diverse in your reading and let other topics and art forms influence your ideas and give a creativity boost. Carve out 2-3 hours a day for digesting new material, whether you sit down and read a book, or you listen to audiobooks on your commute, fit in time to learn. Choose mentors that you admire for particular strengths and read their blogs, and if possible have some that you can sit and have coffee with once a month. Be ravenous to learn and it will improve your business and even personal relationships, people will find you interesting!

Setting objectives

Make it a practice to set clear objectives for yourself. Buy a journal and charts out what you want to accomplish for the next month, year, and decade. Writing down your objectives so you can visualize them inspires you to think long term and to make daily decisions in light of your objectives.


Start with big, far reaching objectives and list why and how you want to accomplish them. Once you’ve listed objectives for the next 10 years, break them down into action steps for the next years, months, weeks, and days. When you separate them into smaller parts, you’ll be able to see yourself take noteworthy strides to accomplish those outcomes. Meeting daily and monthly objectives will energize you to keep on track and stay focused in the long term.


In today’s world there are a variety of ways to stay better connected and associated with the people you need to reach and influence. To be successful be the active initiator, not the passive receiver; be the one picking up the phone or calling the meetings, not waiting for someone else to make contact with you. It will cause you to develop your administrative skills, but there are methods you can utilize, such as, Guideline of 10, to form a structure that works for you. The  principle advises people to send 10 messages or make 10 phone calls every day, reaching out to clients on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so many other networking sites. Also look for mass communication platforms such as posting videos on YouTube or Vimeo to reach larger audiences. Keep your social media sites active and post something fresh daily; this is the best way to create your network.

Mastering your craft

Each of us have an innate skill or talent; these talents that must be practiced several times a week. “If you don’t use it, you lose it” is a fitting saying; meaning that if you don’t actively develop your talents you will eventually lose them. Excellence takes years to develop, but if you’re disciplined to be the best, in time you won’t need to worry about rivalry because people will associate you and your brand with excellence in your chosen field.


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