August 14, 2020

Ericom Software Concludes First Kenya Partnership Conference


By Nina Mulamba

Ericom Software recently conducted its first reseller partner event in Nairobi, Kenya, with more than a dozen value added resellers from Kenya in attendance. Ericom is a software-based RDP compression and acceleration solution that provides a superior, local PC-like experience, especially across wide area networks. The Ericom-Kenya Partnership Conference event marked the inauguration of Ericom’s entry into the East African market.

Its access solutions are designed to bridge legacy access with the latest in innovative virtualization technologies. Ericom’s Access Solutions portfolio delivers secure, centrally managed access to applications, desktops and data running on Microsoft RDS / Terminal Services, VDI, Cloud platforms, and other systems, from any device, anywhere. Ericom’s flagship connection broker, Ericom Connect, is built on high-availability grid technology that enables extremely large and affordable scaling, requiring fewer resources & IT overhead. Other superior differentiators include clientless access, powerful performance- monitoring, unique built-in real-time analytics & BI, and a single management console to manage enterprise-wide access.

Ericom’s business partners will be able to deliver enhanced connectivity & remote access in Africa, especially in regions that suffer from latency, bandwidth & performance challenges. This includes helping entrepreneurs and SMBs get the most out of existing infrastructure and new technologies by implementing organization-wide access that provides high availability, great performance, and flexible scalability, in the most cost-effective manner.

“We are thrilled with the positive response we have received from Partners attending this event and our entry into the African market,” said Benny Sela, Ericom Director of Sales for Africa. “Kenya is one of the three largest growing economies in Africa, and through our joint collaboration and hard work, we look forward to reaching new customers in leading East African nations.”

Ericom Software executives added, “Local partner events are as key to Ericom’s East African business development strategy as is investing into new and proven technologies for the entire African market. As Ericom advances towards building a strong partner community on all continents, we are very proud to have made an entry into Africa with our Access Solutions Portfolio.”

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