May 24, 2019

EPL Signs new 5.1 Billion Pound Television Deal


By Etaarifa Contributor
Common opinion is that the Spanish top flight soccer league commonly referred to as ‘La Liga’ is the best in Europe and indeed in the world. This can be attributed to the fact that two of arguably the world’s biggest soccer clubs, Real Madrid and F.C. Barcelona ply their trades here. However, when it comes to viewership, The Barclays English Premier League, EPL, is the most watched and its games are fanatically followed globally. And now the Spanish league is about to watch as the English Premier League drags away the world’s best talent to their den of riches.
The EPL has signed a new television deal worth 5.1 billion pounds (Over Ksh. 700 billion) for the seasons between 2016 and 2017.
This new infusion of funds is set to boost signing of players and also promote financial parity between the underdogs and the bigwigs in the league. An example of the disturbing lack of equality between the lower tier clubs and their higher ranked rivals is shown during the transfer window period. Burnley F.C have used a total of 45 million pounds since the year 1882 in signing players while Arsenal F.C have used an almost similar amount of money in the Summer transfer Window of 2014 to sign just one player, Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid. It is believed that the new funds will help prevent such disturbing contrasts from occurring.
However, the money will also have its faults as broadcasters may decide to charge more for their services so as to cover the new costs. The costs may eventually come back to haunt the fans as rises in consumer rates and game tickets only seem inevitable.

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