May 24, 2019

Entrepreneur: Your Dreams will need the Work too


By Telford Aduda

As long as there is sleep, there must be a dream. It does not matter what kind of dream you experience, your concern must be whether you can dream and this is principally fueled by ambition. What good is ambition you might ask? If you must ask that question then you surely do not deserve an answer.

Not all dreams will be the same. Some dream of building a palace on earth, others dream of being the best in everything, others dream of becoming good entrepreneurs, others dream of getting a good life partner. Some dream of going to heaven, while others have wet dreams. All these people are dreamers but what will make your dreams stand out is the fact that your dreams have hope. It does not matter what you are dreaming about, just ask yourself this important question; is there any hope of achieving that dream?

It’s big dreaming that has led to some of the greatest achievements humans have ever had. Spaceflight, the eradication of smallpox, the manufacture of heavy war machinery, the internet and all things in between; all started out as big dreams often whispered carelessly or poorly sketched before hours of research, trial and error and elbow grease . Someone had to think of those big ideas first before they made them happen.

Think of people like John Napier who discovered logarithms for computational purposes, Wilhelm Schickard who designed a calculating machine, but abandoned the project, when the prototype he had started building was destroyed by a fire in 1624.

Blaise Pascal, a leading French mathematician, who constructed a mechanical adding device based on a design described by Greek mathematician Hero of Alexandria. Bill Drayton who is the founder and current chair of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, an organization that is dedicated to finding and helping social entrepreneurs around the world.

Jeffery Hollender who founded cleaning, paper, and personal care products company Seventh Generation, or Akhtar Hameed Khan one of the pioneers of the now thriving micro-finance world among others.

What worked for them was their dreams. Your dreams are no different, you can also make a difference. You can also change other people’s lives and become a renowned entrepreneur. You only need to have hope in your dreams and believe you can make it.

Remember, history is never born, it is made my those willing to hammer it their way. Chose to make your own history.

But don’t dream forever…you’ll need to wake up at some point to get the work in.

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