August 17, 2018

Entrepreneur: Time to Transform your Idea to Success


By Etaarifa Entrepreneur

According to Richard Branson, no idea is too small, and all sorts of ideas have potential to change the world as we know it for the better.

Creative thinking allows you to come up with new ideas, or an innovative approach to a problem. These new ideas can result in a new product, or a process that cuts costs or improves quality, for example. Fresh ideas give businesses a competitive advantage, and help make goods and services stand out in the market.

Have faith in yourself
If you don’t have confidence in yourself, it will be difficult to succeed at anything. You cannot take action until you believe in yourself enough to handle the consequences of your decisions. Any time you assume the responsibility to give something a try, you become accountable for your actions. People sometimes fail to take an idea to practice because the unexpected challenges become more than they think they can handle and thus they no longer want to be accountable.

You have to take risks
Anytime you have thought of a great idea and have decided in your mind to implement it, you must understand there are risks that come with it. There is the possibility of inadequate profits or even losses due to uncertainties e.g. tastes, preferences of consumers, strikes, increased competition, change in government policy and even natural disasters. However much these things may happen, you must stay focused to your mission and goals.

Patience is key
As an entrepreneur, you have to note that it can take a long time, and a lot of perseverance, to see your bright idea turn into a successful business. Patience is one of the greatest attribute that an entrepreneur can have, do not be in a hurry to get success, allow progress to happen in its own time. Do not do too much too soon, this will only lead to the death of your business.

Be Passionate
Passion is the only thing that will keep you going. The pursuit of excellence requires your passion. When you put your passion into everything you do, it gives you the power to attain success. Your chances at success and satisfaction are greater if you love the work you do.

Be Purposeful
Everything we do in this life has a purpose; innovation, education, entrepreneurship or even marriage. Your intentions for your idea must have purpose and meaning. If not, the probability that you will quit along the way will increase. The purpose of every entrepreneur is to serve others.

Entrepreneurship is much more than making money, it’s people-centered. It’s never about you, it’s all about others. It’s a calling to serve; it’s not about what you can accumulate, it’s about what you can contribute.

Finally, have it in mind that entrepreneur is a person who takes risks to create change.

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