June 17, 2019

Entrepreneur: How to Increase Your Productivity


By Telford Aduda

Productivity is the ratio of output (value-added) to input. For example, when you begin a business with Ksh. 10,000 and at the end of a year you realize you have doubled the amount to Ksh. 20,000, the value added to the original amount is Ksh. 10, 000 and this shows that there is productivity. It does not have to be only in business, it can also be seen in other fields of life i.e. education, religion, social life and leadership.

It is said that the lizard that jumped from the high iroko tree to the ground would praise himself if no one else did. For a long time, productivity has been measured by the amount of profit a company or an entity is making. However, the best way to measure productivity is when your organization can do something that nobody else is doing.

The following are the possible ways in which you can increase your productivity.

Plan for your day
Planning will help you to create activities required to achieve a desired goal. You have to know how you want your day to go in advance, even before you start. This will provide you a roadmap for the day, helping you figure out what to take care of first and what to save for later.

Break larger tasks down into easy to accomplish bits
It is said that the only way to eat an elephant, is to chop it bit by bit. If you have a large project, the best way is to break the project down into more manageable segments. Figure out what needs to be done first and then decide what can be done next.

Avoid distractions
It is obvious that if you do not focus, you will fail. When you have work to be done, it is wise to block out distractions. Maybe you can switch off your phone, or let it going to voicemail. The environment in which you work may also be a possible cause of distractions.

Give yourself breaks to recharge and refresh
Taking a break will help you become more productive. A few minutes break (approximately 20 minutes) after a dedicated period of work can help you refresh yourself and recharge. Eat lunch, meditate, do some light reading, or find some other way to relax for a few minutes. Recharging helps to reset your mind to work more efficiently on your next task.

Avoid procrastination by all means
Postponing work for next time means that you will be doing it probably at a time when you are supposed to be doing something else, this is always the main cause of failure. Sometimes work postponed is never done. Do things at the right time, do not blame your inefficiency on slow computers, your boss or deadlines. Instead of making excuses look for ways around the problem.

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