July 09, 2020

Emerging Technologies at Consumer Electronics Show

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) – or drones as they are more commonly known had a disruptive effect in the recently held  Consumer Electronics Show this year with many new vendors entering the market, including many low-price players from the market.


Drones targeted at consumers are still in their infancy, and there could be a greater emphasis placed on the aesthetics of drones as well as using artificial intelligence to deliver better performance and more features. For drones to achieve more mainstream success they need to demonstrate use beyond photography and video, as well as navigate regional regulatory issues.


There have been robots of one type or another at Consumer Electronics Show for years and their capabilities are increasing every year. The potential of robots has been recognized for decades, and devices on display at CES are finally starting to reach these lofty standards. Robots at CES range from the promising to the absurd, but each passing year sees the intiuative technology move closer and closer to the mainstream.


While most consumers are familiar with these wearables, in ear smart technology known as hearables are set to enter the public consciousness for the first time at CES. Smart ear buds such as the Bragi Dash contain biometric trackers, ambient noise filtering and a consumer centric control interface. These smart headphones represent the first viable audio focused wearable technology, and they certainly won’t be the last.


Another key product will be OLED TV. LG decided to venture into OLED technology not too long ago. This is despite the numerous misconceptions about the technology by other companies. Now LG’s investments are ready to pay off as they increase their production capacity for its OLED TVs, while other companies are still using the RGB OLED which they are struggling to get viable yield levels for the technology to go mainstream.


CES 2016 has ushered in the era of the sub-2000 USD OLED TV, a huge step forward for the responsive technology and its primary champion. With OLED coming closer and closer to competing on price with LCD making it more consumer centric , there is genuine cause for excitement among OLED supporters going in to CES.



The competition in OLED technology is bound to move up a notch in 2016 with LG debuting a new OLED bendable 55 inch television set which will be able to use wire batteries thus allowing it to be flat and portable. This allows the consumer to be able to roll it up and carry it around. With these new innovative and futuristic new products LG is undoubtedly trendsetting in producing revolutionary products in 2016 and years to come.


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