July 09, 2020

Eat, Pray, Invest?


By Felix Brooks

Many people know Sean Hyman from his participation on CNBS, Bloomberg Television and Fox Business. But what most do not know is that Hyman was once a pastor, and he invests secretly using what he calls Bible weave.
Some people ridicule him because of his unique method of investing. However, the knowledge of the Bible has given Hyman the uncanny ability to make precise stock market move prediction.
In 2012, he was seen on Bloomberg Television. During this time, Best Buy (BBY) shares had been on a steady decline resting at $16 a share. Hyman predicted that the share would drop to $11 per share and later rebound to $25 per share quickly. And then it would quickly rally to $40 per share the following year. During that show, there was another commentator who mocked Hyman for what he termed “… the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.”
After a few weeks, Hyman had his last laugh. This was after Best Buy share dropped to $11.20 a share and later rebounding to $40 a share in a year as he had predicted.
One of the news presenters recently had a dinner with Hyman. Hyman first blessed the food and then he was asked about the secret behind his successful investment choices. The presenter expected him to say that it was due to the experience he had or perhaps complicated algorithms he used for stock timing.
The presenter was shocked when Hyman indicated the Bible as the secret behind Sean’s investment decisions. Most individuals keep their faith separate from other things but for Sean Hyman the Bible is the foundation to investing wisely.

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