July 09, 2020

Dream Loud and Crazy, It’s Valid


By Vera Marion

Felix Kiprono has been on the news for all the weird reasons. He has been mocked and laughed at, at his attempt to ‘book’ Malia Obama as his future wife. When he went public on the quest, he was the laughing stock of all and sundry, compounding the situation with his newly acquired American accent. He had a dream, and he was not afraid to be mocked and laughed at as he made his dream known to the world.

We all have dreams. And all these dreams are valid. The only difference between us and Kiprono is that, he had the courage to dream aloud. He had the courage to risk criticism, laughter and mockery with his dream. He had the courage to act his dream.

We all have dreams, yet we are sitting on them and not doing anything about it. We are not acting on them because we are afraid to be laughed at. Martin Luther King had a dream. And he dreamt loud…His dream had people agitating. His dream went beyond his generation and impacted several generations after him.

We are all pregnant with dreams, we go to painful labour, yet we are afraid to go the delivery table to birth the dream. Those who dare to birth their dreams don’t feed on them. They don’t give their dreams milk in its infancy stage. They don’t invest on their dreams. They don’t make decisions on their dreams and the people they share their dreams with do not support them. They don’t see the future in their own dreams. And so after delivery, the dream dies. The dream dies in hunger because they are not being feed.

Dream crazily. Dream yourself out of where you are. Dream dreams that will break traditions and set rules. Dream dreams that will make you travel. Dreams that will make you mingle with the kings and queens of this world. Dream dreams that will make you go the extra mile and be identified as a pace setter.

We need to go beyond, what people think about our dreams. We need to have the courage to go through the labour pains of birthing our dreams and rearing them to realization. Felix Kiprono dared to dream. He dared to dream despite criticism and ridicule. He had the courage to dream for a dream beyond his reach.

What are you doing with your dream? Dare to dream. Dare to dream a dream that will disrupt your life and those around you. Dare to dream a dream that will go beyond your generation and impact the generations to come. Do not abort your dream. Let it see the light of day and its potential to change you and the world.

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