September 25, 2020

Daystar Startup and Entrepreneurship Forum Kicks off with a Bang!


By Telford Aduda

The Daystar startup and entrepreneurship forum which is an initiative born of the International Students Association of Daystar University (ISADU) and a few entrepreneurs, strengthened through various departments in Daystar University begun in a bang with different entrepreneurs showcasing their businesses.

The forum is focused on university students who are running their own businesses, those developing business ideas, projects, developed IT software and those from the University’s school of business and economics (SCOBEC) and the youths that are looking for opportunities to penetrate the market.

According to ISADU chairperson Louise Muragijimana the main purpose of this event is to create a feel of home for the international students who comes from different nations across the world including: Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Tanzania, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, India, South Korea and China.

The forum is a pet project of the chairperson, and she hopes to expand it to other universities next year. She explained that because of lack of employment opportunities, the forum is meant to inspire, give exposure, provide network and market opportunities, mentorship and training to the youths.

The Chair also said that there will be a follow up training, internship and even jobs for the entrepreneurs.
Other events in line for ISADU include the ISADU festival and Diplomatic- Intervarsity dinner.

The forum has also provided a platform for the partners to launch themselves into the market and sell their goods and services, penetration and interactions with university students and access to the nations represented in Daystar University. The partners include: Daystar University corporate affairs, Etaarifa, WTV, Jofar Systems LTD.

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