July 09, 2020

Crystalyn Media: Transforming Talent into Profit


By Telford Aduda

“Keep practicing whatever skill you have, have a child’s attitude, don’t be afraid, share your talent,” Ida Mumeita, Head of Marketing and video graphic at Crystalyn Media.

Waiting to be employed as a young person in this time and age may be an unending, frustrating experience and one might end up without employment.

Virtually the whole world faces a crisis of escalating youth unemployment, and Kenya is no exception. Unemployment in Kenya stands at 40%, and 70% of those unemployed are between the ages of 15 and 35. The World Bank estimates that approximately 800,000 Kenyans join the labor market each year, and only 50,000 succeed in getting professional jobs.

Because of lack of employment, the youths have embarked on using their talents to make ends meet. And because most of them lack resources they have ended up being exploited, some don’t even get chance to prove their worth.

According to Ida, there is so much talent that has not been exposed yet. “We saw that there was so much talent that needed to be exposed and the cost of production was too high for the young people. That’s the moment we decided to give a helping hand to those youths that were willing,” she says.

Crystalyn Media started out as a recording company in the year 2009 while the founder Mr. Karanja Kiarie was in school. Mr. Kiarie used to record Music at the Hitscore studio in Nairobi.

In the year 2014, the company entered a partnership with Christian Business Angels from Netherlands. They have recorded incredible talents the likes of HBK, Wenza Band and they have done film scoring for a movie titled ‘The Runner’.

Currently, Crystalyn Media is doing a number of video blog and as Ida states, “The video blog is meant to bring out talent that has not been realized. Our mission is to disclose as much talent as possible.”

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