July 19, 2019



By Muriungi Paul

The High Court has extended the ban against the Kenya Premier League holding its matches until Friday the 13th when the case against KPL officials being in contempt of court. This was after the KPL and FKF failed to reach an agreement out of court, as instructed by Lady Justice Roselyn Aburili.

This means that football enthusiasts will have to go another one weeks without KPL matches, with last season’s top tier teams being locked out of action. The two football federations have been in wrangles on who would be running the top tier league in Kenya. This problem would result to injunctions served by world football governing body, FIFA, for having two parallel leagues running in the country.

FKF, through its lawyer Eric Mutua, told the court that KPL officials disregarded court orders stopping them from kick starting the league and should therefore face civil jail time. On the other hand, KPL through its lawyers Geoffrey Obura and Ben Akech told the court that they were never served with the court order.

When the two federations met out of court this week the only thing that was agreed on was the name the league would go by (FKF Premier League) but not who to run the league.

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