October 23, 2018

Citizen journalism or just becoming irresponsible individuals?

By Gatuiri Kathendu

In the past few weeks, i have watched videos of ‘citizens’ postings on social media about several things that i would say; “if a responsible human being was in this place, he/she should have done something!”

Just the other day, somebody recorded a lady beating up a Public Service Vehicle conductor over some change. Could be the guy was on the wrong for not giving back the change or hiking the fare or giving the wrong value of fare to the passengers. But was it right, for a whole group of people to just sit and watch as the two fight instead of intervening? What exactly was the reason or expectation of the person who recorded the whole thing?

Today, i watched another clip of a truck driver beating up a policeman, to the extent of throwing him on the highway. A busy highway. Throwing stones at the policeman. And what was the role of the public? Watch and record to post on social media. And when the policeman tried to fight back or defend himself, guys booed at him and shouted at him. And anger forms in me as i wonder, isn’t the police man a human being? Why on earth would we boo him when he tries to defend himself?

Whoever was on the wrong between the two men (the policeman and the driver), wasn’t there a man or a woman in the public who would have intervened and ensured that this shameful thing of two men fighting in public didn’t happen? And i still ask, what exactly was the intention of the person recording and posting it? to show how policemen behave or how we regular citizens have become so ignorant of the law and its representatives? I have a feeling that more weight will be put on the latter than the former. And that is bad.

We may say, “But these videos have helped a lot. Remember the incident of the pilot and the police woman? Somebody got her rights!” But did we even sit back and try to figure out why the pilot was so angry and agitated? Because somebody was sleeping on her job and he had to call for attention. Too bad anger got wheel and we all went crazy about racism and all that. Sorry i am opening the Pandora’s box but i guess i have no option.

We have changed a lot. And this worries me, especially because of the fact that we are changing for the worse. If people can burn each other and the best we can do is record, people are fighting each other and the best we can do is record and post, then our society is sick.

Responsibility  and discipline have been thrown out of the window and ran over by a huge truck. Its disgusting to see all these videos of people who claim that they are informing the public.

We need to get back on track. These gadgets are not just the cue of our irresponsibility and indiscipline, our minds need serious transformation. Because unless we do something, we are in big trouble!

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