June 17, 2019

Chelsea Willing to pay £30 Million for Everton Defender.


By Derrick Kiplagat

Chelsea FC will not back down from their quest for Everton defender John Stones and could be forced to pay more than £ 30 million to land the promising defender according to the Guardian.

The Englishman is viewed as Chelsea’s ideal successor to veteran center back John Terry although relations have soured between Everton and the Blues after their transfer talks went public.

Everton boss Roberto Martinez hit out at Chelsea’s manner of conducting business, insisting Stones would remain at Goodison Park for the foreseeable future. “There is the disappointment of a club making a statement to the press and making it openly. I don’t think we’d do it and speak about a player. John Stones is an Everton player, full stop. We are not a selling club. We are not a club that needs to be worried about what other clubs put through the press.”

On the other hand, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho sees it differently, saying that Martinez never indicated that the player was unattainable at any price.

“When the transfer window is open, every club and player is open to bids. Bids come for our players and we make bids for other players. The process can be so simple. I would advise Roberto Martinez to do the same thing I do. If I don’t want to accept any offer, I say ‘I don’t accept any offer’. He can make it very very easy.”

Should Chelsea land Stones at the rumored £ 34 million, he would become the most expensive English defender of all time.

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