June 17, 2019


ChapoSmokieChapo Smokie is a crime and drama short film in which a young university girl (Debbie) disappears after spending a night with her sponsor (Kofi). This pushes our protagonist (Jaymo) to a greater length as he looks deep into the matter to ensure that Debbie is safe. The film features Edith Mbenesi, Jey Ulysses and Bill Rashid.

The film was created following the incidence of the Late Sharon Otieno. In a way, the film reflects the life and relationships that university students have with sponsors. In our society today, an issue like this is normally given the back as people don’t speak about this but through this short film a powerful message is communicated.

The film will be premiering at the end of March at Alliance Francis, Multimedia University, Film Workshop and at Daystar Athi River.

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