September 26, 2018

Breaking: US Secretary of State Hospitalized


By Derrick Kiplagat

United States Secretary of State John Kerry broke his right leg in a cycling accident in the French Alps on Sunday morning. The news was confirmed by State Department spokesman John Kibry. The injury has occurred in the exact place where he had a hip surgery. The Secretary of State is set to return to Boston and receive further treatment at the Massachusetts General Hospital with the doctor who did the previous surgery, the spokesman said in a statement. Kerry had traveled to Geneva for negotiations with Iranian diplomats on that country’s nuclear program.

At the moment, Mr. Kerry who is 71 is in stable condition in a hospital in Geneva Switzerland. He has since called off a planned visit to Madrid to fly home for treatment. The incident is said to have occurred in Scionzier, France, 40 KM South East of the Swiss border. After the incident he was flown by a chopper to Geneva.

“Paramedics and a physician were on the scene with the secretary’s motorcade at the time of the accident,” said the state department. “Secretary Kerry is in good spirits and is grateful to the French authorities, doctors and nurses who assisted him after the accident,” it added.

It’s reported that the Secretary of State hit a curb and that there was no vehicle involved in the accident. He was due in Madrid on Monday to sign a defense deal and in Paris Tuesday for talks on combating Islamic State Militants, but will now fly to Boston for treatment. Mr. Kerry is known to be fond of cycling and often carries along bicycles whenever he travels. Every March, he rides his bicycle in Lausanne, Switzerland. Kerry is said to have injured his shoulder previously in a similar accident in 1992.

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