June 17, 2019

Best Browser: Firefox or Chrome?


mozilla 2   By Ken Kaugi
Web browsers did not hold much meaning back in the day unlike today where they form an integral part of our lives.  With digitization, need for exploring varieties of browsers has increased. Some of the best browser include Firefox and Google chrome. However, Firefox has been in the market since September 2002 while chrome launched in September 2008 and both use Google as a search engine.

Chrome browser is owned by Google and its design appears more polished. For example it has extra features that include application shortcuts and lot of packaged apps. Firefox is owned by Mozilla Corporation and appears more customized than chrome. It has configuration content which help design your Firefox browser to suit your needs making browsing faster and easy.

Chrome is commonly preferred by web developers. Due to the fact that it is owned by Google, developers prefer using chrome as Google majorly employs developers.

Firefox has better extensions than chrome which include privacy and security. This favors the power user with many tabs and extensions. In addition, Firefox is working on simplicity and smoothness  to improve browser by next year.

Chrome has better syncing capabilities such as syncing everything you do in the browser. For example you can log in one computer or mobile device and pick up from where you left off. This makes it easier because it stores history on any device provided you are logged in.

Firefox does not crash more like chrome. Both browsers crash but Firefox has an advantage. When it crashes, it easily recovers the previous session making the browsing continue effectively. Chrome on the other hand takes up a lot of memory space making it crash and it never restores tabs.

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