October 23, 2018

Being an entrepreneur is no piece of cake!


The film Joy (2005), directed by David O. Russel and starring Jennifer Lawrence as Joy Mangano is not your regular movie when you view it through the eyes of an entrepreneur. In the most difficult of circumstances, she invents a miracle mop and goes on to market it; creating her very own business empire. It is true that entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted. Just before you dismiss this like you did with some of your business ideas, why don’t I remind you that a good part of it is based on a true story. Will you have the bulldog tenacity to roll up your sleeves and go at it yet again (like the main character of Joy did) when there is no sign of a clearing? Here are two types of betrayal you may face. You will be surprised that one of them is your doing!

Betrayal by others

If you start out with a partner, who says it is a guarantee that they will hang in there with you through thick and thin? Unless you are able to curve out their hearts to access what is hidden in there you cannot be sure of it. It is the reason they go ahead to disappoint you so much when you can really do with support. It is Murphy’s Law; things will go wrong and at the worst possible time. So yes, some will pull out their investment or go behind your back to make the whole thing look like you were the minor character in the movie they directed while the opposite is true.

At times you are expecting that your kith and kin or best friend will intervene when things go south, until your calls are not returned promptly and when they do; the way they speak, they could be liked to strangers who are not privy to your woes. Be ready for this kind of thing because when you anticipate it, however hard you are hit, you shall pick the pieces and carry on as though nothing happened. You will most probably have the last laugh.


If somebody were to tell you today that you are your worst enemy, you would probably ask of them to brush their mouth and never utter such non-sense, for as long as they live; but indeed it is true. One can be their only barrier between them and a business dynasty. If you decide to pursue a certain opening and have laid out all the plans, invested heavily and then you back out in the last minute because you do not have the guts to pull it off, then you are betraying yourself.

If you know very well that at a certain stage in your business you cannot afford certain treats and you go ahead and poke your hands in your capital to tickle your fancy; how then can you blame another when a few weeks, months or years down the line, you are forced to close shop and you are up to your neck in debt? You are your worst enemy because you betray yourself.


We cannot exhaust the hurdles you might face when you intend to create and grow a venture beyond your wildest dreams. One thing is for sure though; you cannot capitalize on your shortcomings or challenges that water down your progress. Is it not Steve Case, the co-founder of America Online (AOL), who said that, “You shouldn’t focus on why you can’t do something, which is what most people do. You should focus on why perhaps you can, and be one of the exceptions.” You can do better dear entrepreneur!

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