October 23, 2018

Facebook page on bedsitter experiences cracking up Kenyans

By Jude Titus

Since jokes about bedsitters can never run out, a group of young and energetic Kenyans has met up to take the jokes a notch higher.

Bedsitters, one-room apartments ordinarily comprising of a joined bed room and a living room with cooking facilities, are typically viewed as pocket-friendly by young bachelors/bachelorettes/campus students but are also at the center of all jokes among Kenyan youth.

EnterBedsitter Chronicles, a growing Facebook page shaped by six imaginative young Kenyans sharing hilarious content about occurrences in bedsitters with their fans.





With a couple of videos and jokes, the page is quickly turning into a prominent source of drama/comedy.


Some of the posts below are worth a good laugh.

Watch one of their videos here……

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